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PlannerCon Parties – New Jersey

PlannerCon Parties – New Jersey

Don’t go to planner events just for the swag, go for the friends. That couldn’t be more true than at PlannerCon Parties. The PlannerCon Parties are smaller, more intimate versions of the larger PlannerCon conference held annually in San Francisco in March.

PlannerCon founder Louis Umeki decided to take the leap four years ago and start bringing people in the planner community together and encourage them to embrace who they are, just the way they are.  Afterward, the PlannerCon team decided to “take the show on the road” and began visiting different locations to help planners connect and become friends in their local community. Instead of attending an event far away and maybe never connecting with those you meet again, PlannerCon Parties help planners build friendships in their own area to continue building and growing the community around them.

On July 26th and 27th, the PlannerCon team kicked off their 10th party in New Jersey, one of the five scheduled for this year.  Upcoming locations for 2019 include, Atlanta, Houston, Irvine and Honolulu. At PlannerCon Parties, attendees get to mix, mingle and shop with the team, the speakers and the vendors who all really engage and participate in the event together.  Fun, team building activities, like crafting your own superhero and the colorful hat parade made from supplies on hand, blend right along with the presentations and workshops. Plus casual, friendly shopping from vendors like Amy Tangerine, Stickersters, Oh Hello Co., Teresa Collins and Paper House Productions.  


Embrace Who You Are And Make It Your Strength

Amazing speakers, including Teresa Collins, Nicole Barlettano and Shaena Twitty, delivered powerful presentations and workshops. Now, “powerful” may not be the word that comes to mind when you think about writing in your planner but each speaker stressed the importance of embracing and accepting who you are to propel yourself forward. 

Teresa Collins urged us to channel our inner champions and go after what we want and never give up – because we are enough and deserve it. Teresa shared her story and encouraged attendees to be intentional and manifest what they want in their life, despite the challenges big or small.  Everyday you get to choose to “build or break” yourself. 

Nicole Barlettano changed her life through the art of bullet journaling. She shared her incredible skill during a workshop sponsored by Faber Castell. During the workshop, Nicole stressed the importance of being real with ourselves in order to make real change in our lives.  Until we get real with who we are we are not able to enhance and build upon it, whether it’s in our planners or our lives.  

Shaena Twitty, from Paper House Productions, challenged us to find beauty in the messiness of life and “embrace our chaos”. During Shaena’s workshop, we created a dashboard by mixing a combination of Paper House Productions products. Nobody’s life is perfect and it can be messy at times and it’s ok to have that show in our planners.



PlannerCon Gives Back

As the PlannerCon team travels from place to place, they make sure to give back to local charities in each community to help make a difference in people’s lives.  They have partnered with Evolve You Foundation specifically, to impact foster youth that are transitioning out of the system and need help, education and skills. Raising money and awareness throughout the planner community by shedding light on this important and critical need.  

There truly is power in community. If we continue to come together and support one another we can truly make a difference in our own life and the lives of others. If larger conferences are a bit overwhelming, look for upcoming PlannerCon Parties that may be coming to your area and not only make new memories to put in your planner but also make new planner friends. 

Tickets and information to PlannerCon or PlannerCon Parties can be found on their website and be sure to follow along on the Instagram.


Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Self-Care

Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Prioritize Self-Care

Self-care is not selfish – repeat that over and over again in your mind until you believe it.  It’s not just about bubble baths and facials, although that may work for you. Today, self-care is about maintaining a harmony in your life that helps foster happiness and overall well-being.  There is even an entire day devoted to the importance of self-care

We are all familiar with the protocol  “fasten your own device before assisting others”.  It’s so true and it works, if we would only just apply it.  How can you be the best version of yourself and take care of others if you are running on empty.  That is why we encourage you to make space in your planner to take care of yourself not just today, but every day. 

Here are five important reasons why you should prioritize self-care:

Self-care helps you stay focused. 

It can feel tempting to plow through the workday without taking a break, but if you find your focus wandering, finding some time for self-care can help quite a bit. Studies show that taking “micro-breaks” can help you refocus, so find little pockets of time for self-care throughout the day, like a quick stretch or getting some fresh air. 


Self-care improves your relationships.

Constantly snapping at your partner, kids, or even your friends? Because self-care can help you manage your emotions, a little dose of it can go a long way. Schedule in some time for regular self-care, you will have more patience, reset and feel less overwhelmed. You’ll be happier, and they’ll appreciate it too!


Self-care makes you better at your job.

Whether you work in an office or at home, we all need some time to recharge. All work and no “you” time is a recipe for burnout—and if you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you know what a huge problem burnout is in the United States. By taking some time for self-care every day or week, you’ll actually end up being better at your job. 


Self-care helps you sleep.

Tossing and turning all night long? For most people, insomnia is largely related to stress—and a regular self-care practice is an excellent way to manage that stress. Self-care looks different for everyone, of course, try going for a long walk or doing a brain dump to clear your head of all the things. Find what works for you and stick with it! 


Self-care will give you perspective.

Dealing with a big problem or facing a big decision? Taking time for self-care can make that problem or decision seem less daunting. Stepping away from the situation and immersing yourself in self-care will work wonders, and help you come back with a clear head and ready for anything.


What are you waiting for? Break out your planner and pencil in some self-care time, you will be glad you did! 

Tips To Help You Savor The Summer Season

Tips To Help You Savor The Summer Season

We may be counting down the days of summer but it’s still hot out there. So, it can feel tempting to spend lazy days sitting in your air conditioned house binging on Netfilix. But, it will all be over before you know it – which means it’s time to check in with your summer bucket list and make sure you are getting the most out of these final weeks of sunshine.  

We believe it’s important to embrace every season for its own uniqueness which is why we’ve put together some tips to help make sure your are getting the most out of your summertime:

Do a budget review. Summer is not only a time of more leisure activities, which means extra expenses, but it also falls pretty much at the mid-year point for most of us. So whether it’s vacations, shopping, or parties—whatever is on your bucket list —use your planner to lay out all the things you still want to do, including upcoming events, and check in with your budget to plan what works for you.

Stick with a morning routine, even in the summer. We can’t say it enough, make better use of your mornings! Bright and sunny mornings are the best time for implementing new habits and getting up an hour or two earlier. Even if you’re working a full time job, getting an earlier start will keep you feeling more relaxed all day.  Use the extra time for some self-care or a jump start on the commute to get in the office before hustle begins. Same thought applies if you stay at home: The morning hours are great for knocking out those pesky tasks from your to-do list to free up your afternoon for some fun in the sun.  

Go on a vacation or ‘staycation’. Make it today and not someday. This one might seem obvious, but we all have commitments and busy schedules.  In order to take a break from your daily routine and enjoy summer more you need set aside the time and plan.  Maybe it’s a week-long beach vacation on a tropical island, a weekend getaway to a city you’ve never seen before or just a few days at a local beach with family and friends. Whatever the goal, make sure it is in your planner before summer ends to make it happen.

Spend some time with people you don’t get to see often. Nothing can makes a season feel more special than spending time with those we enjoy.  The warmer weather and more daylight hours is the perfect opportunity to schedule in some extra fun.  Call or text an old friend or colleague and meet for drinks or coffee at an outdoor restaurant or cafe.  Have a planner meet up with some planner friends to connect and inspire each other. Schedule a lunch date with friends for some much- needed girl time.  You do you!

Create a summer-specific ritual. Rituals and traditions are a great way to savor any season. They can also be a source of comfort and security.  Think of something special that really signifies summer to you and make that into a recurrent ritual you do during the summer months. It can be as simple as drinking a glass of lemonade outside every afternoon, or as complex as a summer-specific Sunday routine that involves the whole family. Whatever that ritual or tradition is, make it your own.  This will give you something to look forward to and help savor the season and create memories that last for years to come.

Happy Summer!


7 Foolproof Tips For Staying On Track With Your Goals

7 Foolproof Tips For Staying On Track With Your Goals

We all know setting goals and sticking with them are two entirely different things. Amiright?  It’s so easy to let the goals you set at the beginning of the year slack off and take a back seat when life gets too busy.  It happens, we get it! But it’s not too late to reboot those intentions just in time for the new season.

Staying On Track Tips:

1. Write them down and make a plan.

The best way to achieve your goals is to put pen to paper. Research shows that when you write your goals down, you’re more likely to stick with them.  Plus, big goals can seem overwhelming and even feel impossible to achieve, but mapping them out on paper and plotting small actionable steps into your months, weeks and days will keep you on track. Because you know what they say: Without a plan a goal is just a wish.

2. Track it in your planner.

It takes 21 days to form a habit, and forming a habit is key to achieving your goals. So set your planner and yourself up for success. Mark off each time that you stick with the habit you’re trying to form (like daily yoga or daily gratitude for example), and use those habit trackers, colors pens and stickers to help you stay focused.

3. Find an accountability buddy.

Here’s where the #plannercommunity comes in—if you want to stick with your goals, whether it’s working out regularly, reading more, or tackling a huge project at home, it helps to have someone around to hold you accountable. Find a buddy who you can check in with regularly about your goals, whether it’s a weekly email or daily text.

4. If you miss one day, dust yourself off and try again.

One common mistake most of us make is giving up the second we fall of the bandwagon. For example, maybe you set a goal to eat less sugar—and then you had a few slices a cake at a friend’s birthday party. That doesn’t mean you should start into a downward spiral or worse, give up the goal entirely. Tomorrow is a new day and fresh start!

5. Plan a reward for when you do meet your goals.

Having something to look forward to always helps, but this is especially true when you’re trying to meet a goal that isn’t exactly easy. Make a plan to reward yourself with something special. Some new planner goodies, perhaps?   It’s important to celebrate the small wins and the big milestones. This will keep you motivated until you’ve reached your goal.

6. Clear the clutter.

Clutter makes everything more difficult—just ask Marie Kondo. Clearing physical clutter can also clear the mental space to keep you focused on what’s important.  So work on decluttering everything from your home, to your workspace to your planner.

7. Make use of daily affirmations.

Affirmations are a great way to remind yourself that you can do it—and it’s great to write them down, too. Sticking them to your mirror as a reminder is one great way to do it, but writing them down in your planner is great too. After all, you open it every day.

Now get out there and keep crushing those goals.  You got this!

How To ‘Konmari’ Your Planner And Ditch The Overwhelm

How To ‘Konmari’ Your Planner And Ditch The Overwhelm

By this point, you have probably been Marie Kondo-ing your every closet, cabinet and drawer. But, have you thought about applying this method to your planner. Since studies show that clutter can affect your mindset and mood, why shouldn’t our planners be a place that sparks joy as well.

Here’s how to make it happen:


The power of one (or not)

We know how hard it can be to choose just one planner! The struggle is real, we get it. But in most cases, it may be easier to stay on track and be productive with one planner that is streamlined and organized versus multiple planners for different things. Whichever option works best for you the key really is in keeping things organized. If your planner is cluttered and overwhelming it isn’t doing you any good.

Go minimal with your planner aesthetic.

We all want all the things – stickers, washi, colored pens – which is great but not all at once. Try to tone down your layouts and go for a more white space aesthetic. Less clutter in your planner will lead to less clutter in your head. Try to designate areas, like notes pages and monthly overviews for specific things ie. appointments, to do lists, brain dumps, etc. Also, clear out things that are no longer current and store them somewhere for reference so you aren’t taking in so much information every time you open your planner to look at it. Follow the rule of everything in its place and using your planner everyday will be easy, simple and stress free.

Decide what to track and what is necessary.

Everyone uses their planner for different things so try to pick planners that work for what you want/need to stay on top of. Write down what is necessary in your life to track and keep you feeling motivated and inspired to get things done. That way, when you open your planner you can breathe a sigh of relief at how easy it all is to read and have a sense of control over your to do list and your life. And, a neat handwriting won’t hurt either.

Don’t let other people’s planner style dictate your own.

Yes, scrolling social media for inspiration is great. And there certainly are a lot of talented people in the #plannercommunity. It’s important not let someone else’s style dictate how you plan. Be sure to take ideas and tweak them to what would work best for you and your life. If you begin falling down the rabbit hole with too much inspiration things can get really messy and out of focus. Find a style that is your own and works for you then stick with it.

Happy Planning!

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