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New Spring Collection From Simplified

New Spring Collection From Simplified

The new spring collection from Simplified is a complete breathe of fresh air!  The cover designs are all gorgeous, simple and refined. The Simplified brand believes in keeping things minimal and meaningful on purpose. Each of the new planners and products feature new patterns that are sure to brighten your days and keep you organized.  The entire collection launches on April 1st on their website. 

This year, in addition to the Simplified Planners, the collection features several new products including an academic version of Dapperdesk, a new teacher planner, a wedding planner, planner pouches and a bunch of fun accessories.



Signature Simplified Planners (both daily and weekly) are available in six different cover options, Gold Bee, Happy Floral, Pink Pinstripe, Happy Stripe, Blue Trellis and Pineapple Crest.  The daily planners have the wire-o binding with an inside pocket and new sticker sheet plus Simplified prep work in the beginning. The weekly planners have a book bound, lay-flat binding with inside pocket, stickers and prep work as well. Both layouts are clean and feel like a fresh start every time you turn the page.



For the first time, Dapperdesk is being offered in an academic year (August 2020 – July 2021). The Dapperdesk planner is a book bound daily planner with a leatherette flexible cover (softbound) and page marker ribbon. It has the same Mohawk paper as the signature planner, monthly and daily pages (Saturday and Sunday each have a page) but does not have the upfront prep work.  It is available in two cover designs as well as a special launch bundle.



The new Simplified Teacher Planner has been redesigned this year with a new cover and wire-o binding plus an inside pocket, five sheets of stickers, worksheets and weekly lesson planning spreads. The planner has the same Mohawk paper, is easy to use and can be paired with your daily or weekly planner for a complete system. It features the Happy Dot cover design and is available in several bundle options.



The brand new Simplified Wedding Planner will launch with the academic collection as well.  This stunning, classic planner is a genuine keepsake. The binder style white leatherette cover with gold dot foil is elegant and beautifully designed. It features the same Mohawk paper, six essential planning sections, a 12-month undated format, an interior pocket for storing important details, a gold foil sticker sheet and so much more.  The mini vows notebook set also makes a great add on as you both plan your special day.



There are so many fun accessories in this collection but the real favorite are the new Planner Pouches. They are made of a leatherette material with navy fabric lining (interior padding) plus a gold pineapple zip closure detail.  There are two patterns available, Happy Floral and Blue Trellis. Both pouches are roomy and able to fit the Signature Simplified Planners (daily or weekly) as well as Dapperdesk.



Other new accessories coming from Simplified are a Citrus pattern list pad and block notepad, a weekly Happy Stripe planning pad, a Happy Floral pen, a gold foil sticker sheet and a new “Honey The Bee”  hat. Matching magnetic page markers and mini notebooks will also be available in all the new cover designs to coordinate with your planner.



As usual, Team Simplified did not disappoint and it will be hard to decide which cover style to choose and so fun to mix and match all the accessories. For all the latest details on the launch, follow Simplified on Instagram and Facebook. 



New Academic Flagship Collection From Day Designer

New Academic Flagship Collection From Day Designer

The new academic year (July 2020 – June 2021) Flagship Collection from Day Designer launches today and features a beautiful selection of cover designs. With everything from bold florals, to simple artistic patterns to classic originals, this collection has something for everyone. The planners combine luxury details (like gold coil, protective gold corners and gold monthly tabs) with functional interior layouts to help you organize your days in style.


Day Designer Flagship Collection


The new collection includes ten covers and three formats – daily original, daily mini and weekly original. Both the daily original and daily mini feature the signature daily layout design while the weekly original features the newer weekly layout design. The weekly planner not only has weekly spreads but also includes several undated daily pages to keep you going on your busiest days. Both options offer an effective system for planning that allows you to get more done while maintaining balance in your life. Additionally, the goal setting worksheets, self assessment pages and ideal week/month planning pages help keep you on track all year long.



Day Designer Goal Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet


New for this launch is a heavier paperweight than previously used in the Flagship planners. The interior pages will now feature 100 gsm paper with 180 gsm for tabbed pages. An exciting upgrade sure to work well with any of your favorite pens. Each planner comes with a strong interior pocket, ruler page marker, additional note and list pages and newly-designed, gold foil sticker sheet.  Also coming in this launch are new cover designs for the companion slim notebook sets. The two new sets feature complimenting covers to the Flagship styles and are a handy addition to your planning line up.



Whether you are a daily or weekly planner, Day Designer offers a selection of beautiful planning products to help you stay organized and live a well designed life. For more information about the launch, be sure to follow Day Designer on Instagram and Facebook. 




Helpful Resources From Our Community

Helpful Resources From Our Community

If you have ever heard the saying, “it takes a village”? Without a doubt, we are living in a time where this is most applicable. We are fortunate to be a part of an amazing community of planners that are talented, inspirational, resourceful and caring individuals. The last week has shown an incredible outpouring of resources, tips, advice and sharing that has proven we can come together and support one another.  

We have put together a mini guide of helpful links, as social media can be bit overwhelming these days. These are a few of the resources from our community that may help you during this time as well as support your fellow planners: 




March 18 -22 – IG Lives: @thehappyplanner


March 24th –  How To Thrive In A Season Of Uncertainty Live Stream: @Cultivate What Matters


Planning Your Child’s Learning While Schools Are Closed: @kellofaplan


How To Implement A Block Schedule + Plan With Me: @athomewithquita


Distance Learning FacebookGroup: @nycplanneraddicts




Simplifying Life In A Crisis Series: @emilyley


An Open Letter To Parents Thrust Into Homeschooling Because Of Covid -19: @jenmackintosh


Working From Home While Kids Are Here: @jen_plans


Lesson Learning At Home During Covid-19: @ispeakfluentcoffee


8 Ways For Students To Stay On Track While Schools Are Closed During COVID-19: @erincondren


Let’s Organize: A Challenge: @thiswellplannedlife





Playtime with Playhouse: @paperhouseproductions


Color Happy Coloring Pages: @radandhappy ($)


Simple Artistic Exercises In 10 Minutes Or Less:@llamaletters ($)


Hand Lettering 101: @mommylhey ($)


Intro To Brush Calligraphy: @prettyprintspaper($)


The Creative Handbook: @amytangerine


DIY Planner Stickers: @studio_calico


Printable Library: @damasklove





Listening to podcasts is another way to stay connected to our community.  Here is the link to our Planner’s Guide To Podcasts post. 


Share this post with others so we can continue to support each other. If you like one of the links, shout it out on social media. The resources shared are specific links but the accounts, blogs, etc mentioned above are great resources on an ongoing basis not just at this time.  


Stay healthy and safe friends! 


*($) cost 




At Home With Marquita Cummings

At Home With Marquita Cummings

We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” for 2020!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This time we are talking to Marquita Cummings of @athomewithquita.

At Home With Quita


Marquita (Quita) is a real favorite among the planner community on social media and on YouTube. Her lifestyle content covers everything from a weekly plan with me, to cook with me, clean with me, goal-setting, budgeting, DIY projects and vlogging/blogging. Her own unique style of planning with neutral layouts and “real life” tips inspire so many in our community. With millions of views on YouTube and running her own online shop, Little Miss Fancy Plans, she does it all.  Quita has also recently added speaking to her list with presentations and workshops at the Planning A Better Me Retreat, Planner’s At Tiffany’s and the Chicago Planner Conference. In the upcoming months, she will be at the Southwest Planner Meet Up (UK) and Go Wild in Anaheim.



Here, Quita shares a little of her journey from planner to Planner-preneur:


Can you tell us a little bit about your journey into planning and the planner community?

I started my journey about two and a half years ago.  I was feeling unorganized, like I was forgetting important things in my life.  I decided to explore some solutions and of course that led me to YouTube. I did a search on how to stay organized and that led me to some amazing ladies who all seemed to use paper planners.  They seemed to have it all together and I wanted to be just like that.  After I started exploring paper planners, I watched video after video and became more intrigued with each click. I then decided to purchase my first planner which was an Erin Condren Life Planner. I also decided to develop some sort of home management binder system to manage my entire household in addition to my daily life.  From there, I just needed to find my style of planning that would work for me. Today I’m all in. I am loving every minute of it and how it makes me feel. 


Do you believe in planner peace and what inspired you to create your own planner/inserts? 

That’s a tricky question.  I love the idea of changing things up from time to time.  I try to keep things fresh in my planner so that I want to pick it up on a daily basis.  But, I also tend to keep my planner setup the same overall. I totally believe that peace comes from using your planner in whatever way you see fit whether its keeping the same setup forever or changing it out monthly.  I decided to create my inserts mostly through the encouragement of my husband. He is always telling me how amazing he thinks I am and that I can do anything I set my mind to. I was searching for planners with neutral layouts.  I’m not a super colorful person and I tend to lean towards neutrals. I enjoy using colorful stickers to jazz things up. I couldn’t really find classic disc bound inserts that functioned the way I needed. So I decided why not create my own, and design them exactly the way I wanted them to look.  



What are some of the ideas/tips you have been sharing with the community at planner conferences and workshops?

Stepping out into the speaking world has been tough for me because I’m more of an introvert, but it’s been a fun journey so far.  I mostly share tips on organization and how to manage the day to day. I also love anything DIY and I enjoy sharing some of the projects my husband and I are working on.


What is your favorite type of content to create on YouTube and what direction do you see it going in the future?

What a whirlwind this YouTube journey has become! My favorite type of content to share is anything lifestyle! I enjoy sharing DIY projects mostly although I don’t alway have the time to endure the filming process. It can become lengthy and grueling at times. I also love organization and cooking videos. Basically I’m at a place right now where I want to share things with my audience that I’m already doing. I see much more lifestyle content in my future!


What are some of the goals you have for your shop, Little Miss Fancy Plans, this year? 

I really love making planner stationery and stickers that can be useful in planning.  My goals are to continue growing the shop by constantly adding new items and possibly introduce a subscription box in the future.  Eventually, I would like to open an office space and maybe hire a few employees to assist with the production.


What advice can you share for creative entrepreneurs and content creators starting out? 

The biggest advice I can give is to stay consistent! It’s not going to be easy, everyday will present a new challenge.  Stick with it and all your hard work will pay off. I would also say to learn as much as you can by reading, watching YouTube videos and listening to podcasts.  It is super important if you want to take things seriously and grow as a social media influencer, content creator or entrepreneur. Lastly be you! There’s only one YOU and you’re fabulous.  People will love you so never doubt that you are amazing and you have a message to share that people will want to hear.


at home with quita


Be sure to follow Marquita and see all the amazing things she has to offer:

IG: @athomewithquita

YouTube: @athomewithquita

Facebook: @athomewithquita



YayDay Paper Co. From Amber Kemp-Gerstel

YayDay Paper Co. From Amber Kemp-Gerstel

Have you heard – something very exciting is coming to a home printer near you… what’s that you are wondering? It’s YayDay Paper Co., a new website from “DIY Extraordinaire” Amber Kemp-Gerstel (AKA @damasklove). YayDay Paper Co. is an online membership that offers beautifully designed stationery, crafting projects and planner products that can be printed at home.  These incredibly designed projects are easy to do and delivered right to your computer.  It’s like having your favorite stationery/craft store right in your own home!


YayDay Paper Co. From Damask Love


About YayDay Paper Co.

YayDay Paper a way to make DIY crafting fun and more easily accessible. The monthly membership offers digital collections of stationery, craft projects and planner goodies. Each collection is curated and will include a bonus exclusive printable for members plus plenty of inspiration, creative ideas, tip, trick and tutorials. Members get access to dozens of projects plus all the insider know-how on printers, paper and more to make their designs look professional every time. Non-members will also be able to purchase collections but will not receive the member discount or exclusive designs.


YayDay Paper Co By Damask Love


About Amber

If by some chance you haven’t heard of Amber Kemp-Gerstel, she is the celebrity crafter who traded her Phd in psychology for a DIY in crafting. She is also the founder of the popular lifestyle blog, Damask Love. Besides watching her incredibly entertaining IG Stories, you may have seen Amber as the host of Disney Family Sundays on Disney+. She was also featured on the premiere season of NBC’s Making It and more recently on Good Morning America. 



YayDay Paper Co. is disrupting the crafting industry by changing the way people access creative content. The full website will be live on April 1, 2020 but you can sign up for the email list now so you don’t miss out on any exclusive launch discounts and details. Plus, you get your first collection of prints FREE for signing up. Also be sure to follow @yaydaypaper on Instagram.

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