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Confession Of A Girl Boss With Chrissy Antoniotti

Confession Of A Girl Boss With Chrissy Antoniotti

We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This time we are talking to Chrissy Antoniotti of @confessionsofagirlboss and @chrissylillyslife.


Confessions Of A Girl Boss


Chrissy is a self-claimed serial entrepreneur who has taken on several business ventures. Now, she is teaching other women how to turn their passions into their business with her latest project. In just five years, she has opened an Etsy shop, run her own online sticker shop, become a blogger and vlogger, hosted a podcast and established a presence on social media (Instagram and YouTube). After opening her first planner business, Chrissy fell in love with the creating process, having an online business and sharing her passions. The amazing people, friends and connections she has met in the community have been what truly inspires her and keeps her wanting to share more.



Here Chrissy shares her journey from planner to “Planner-preneur”:


Can you tell us about your journey and how you found the planner community?

My journey started back in 2015. I found the planner community on YouTube right before my now husband and I moved to Canada on work visas. We didn’t have any friends in Canada so I thought “what the heck, I’ll give it a shot” and bought a Silhouette. I had always been really into graphic design, computers and organization so I knew it would be the perfect fit for me! I opened my shop, POPco Stickers, really just as something to do and a way to express myself creatively. I never imagined it would have turned into what it did!


When did you decide to open a planner shop and what has that experience looked like over time? 

While in Canada, I really was a bit of a loner.  Once I opened my shop, POPco, I instantly found a community of friends from all around the world. The community has honestly been what’s gotten my through so much in my life. From living in Canada, to eloping, to moving to Arizona, to having my son – my customers went through it all with me. I remember especially when my husband was denied entry to the US at the border on our move down here. That was when I truly felt the love that this community can give to people who need it. Everyone rallied together and supported POPco in a way that I never expected. It was really the moment I knew I had built something more than just a sticker shop.

After I had my son, I really needed to prioritize how I was spending my time. The planner community was moving fast (weekly releases, constantly promoting on social media, always keeping up with new designs being released), I knew that I had to make a decision – sacrifice precious time with my family or say goodbye to POPco. I chose my family and decided to close POPco in September 2019. It was a bittersweet moment, honestly. Saying goodbye to a business that I had grown over four years – to face the unknown felt kinda crazy – but I’ve never once regretted my decision. I’ve gotten to spend so much more time with my family and really plan out my next steps as a creative entrepreneur. 


Your latest entrepreneurial venture, Confessions Of A Girl Boss, is also a brand that has evolved, can you explain a little about that? 

Confessions Of A Girlboss started off as a podcast that I cohosted with a friend for almost two years. It’s been a lot of different things over the years, but I guess what people remember the podcast for was the behind the scenes look into what it takes to run a sticker shop from people who were living it every day. I loved that we could help shop owners who were new and lost as to what to do to grow, but also relate to shop owners who had been around for as long as we had too. 

Before I made the decision to close my sticker shop, I also decided to put a pause on the podcast. I knew it wasn’t going to be forever, but I also knew that I was moving at a pace that wasn’t aiding my goals for what I wanted Confessions of a Girlboss to be. I needed to take a step back and figure out exactly what I wanted my life to look like in five years time so I could work towards that at a more realistic pace.


How do you hope to help women “turn their passion into their business”? Why do you think it is important? 

I’ve learned over the years that most women don’t chase their goals out of fear. Fear that they don’t know enough, fear that they don’t have a support system, fear of failure; the list goes on and on. I want to be that resource to women that will not only guide and educate them, but also cheer them on when they kick butt like I know they can. It’s crazy what you can achieve when you have someone cheering you on and giving you that confidence boost and I want everyone to experience that!


How do you manage being a mom (of soon to be two children under two) and a business owner? 

Honestly, I could’t do it without the help of my parents (who live right down the street) and my husband. They’ve all been so supportive of my goals and dreams and are always there to lend a hand when needed. But, when I am “solo-momming” it (as I like to say), time blocking and to do lists are KEY. I make to do lists for awake time and nap times and just get as much done as I can. 

I’ve also learned over the last 18 months that I need to allow myself more grace when it comes to getting things done (especially being pregnant AND wrangling a toddler) and to stop trying to keep up with the Joneses. The “picture perfect, balanced mom ticking off her to do list whilst also keeping the house spotless and managing to keep her hair clean” look that you see on Instagram is total BS. Once I realized that and accepted it, things became a lot easier.


What are some things you are working on currently and what can wevexpect to see coming from Confessions of A Girl Boss brand? 

Right now I’m working on setting up my work to be as automated as possible. I am finishing up my first digital product that will launch this Summer.  With my baby girl due in July, I know I’m going to be in a baby bubble and I don’t want any balls to drop during that time so I’m working towards maintaining consistency.

In the next year, you will absolutely see a Confessions Of A Girlboss course and coaching opportunities. I cannot WAIT to work 1-1 with aspiring entrepreneurs to help them reach their business goals! What angle the course takes will ultimately be decided by what my audience is yearning for, but I know it’s going to change so many lives!


Be sure to follow Chrissy for more entrepreneurial inspiration:

IG: @confessionsofagirlboss or @chrissylillyslife

YouTube: Confessions Of A Girlboss

Website: Confessions Of A Girlboss 

Shop: POPco Stickers

Erin Condren LifePlanner Academic Launch

Erin Condren LifePlanner Academic Launch

The new LifePlanner launch from Erin Condren is not only gorgeous but it is also filled with more options than ever before! For the first time, the company is releasing TWO design themes – Layers and Flower Power – as part of their signature academic year collection. And we are totally here for it!

Layers is a geometric wave-like pattern meant to remind us that strong foundations are built on an infinite amount of layers. It has been designed in both a brilliant colorful version and a minimal neutral (almost marble-like) version. Both the colorful and neutral versions are available in all the LifePlanner and LifePlanner Binder layouts (vertical, horizontal and hourly) as well as a wide variety of exciting products and accessories.



Flower Power, which first debuted as an interchangeable cover design, has blossomed into a full LifePlanner theme. It is the first time a bold floral pattern has been featured as the interior design theme for the LifePlanner. But, this well-loved favorite has been reimagined to flow throughout the monthly and weekly pages of the planner so beautifully it’s sure to make any flower lover’s heart sing. Flower Power will also be available in all layouts of the LifePlanner and LifePlanner Binder (vertical, horizontal and hourly) as well as other products and accessories. The actual binder will not be available in the Flower Power design, only the interior pages. However, there is a new, gorgeous metallic champagne binder that will compliment any design. Also, if you are a fan of the Erin Condren LifePlanner Binder look out for a special portable punch that fits right in your planner.




Basically, everything you love about the LifePlanner times two! The highly anticipated Daily Coiled LifePlanner will make its debut in this release. The company has combined all the style of the LifePlanner with the functionality of a daily planner and created the Daily Duo. Two coiled books (each filled with six months) that feature an hourly layout, to do lists and all the extras (vellum overlay, stickers, folder, notes pages and more) plus tons of space for planning out even your busiest days. The hourly section runs from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. including half hours. Both planners are being sold together ($68) so you get twice the style and organization. The Daily Duo is available with a July 2020 start or January 2021 start but only in the colorful Layers design.




This collection is definitely not short on accessories to say the least. With two gorgeous design themes, there is even more to love. All your favorite accessories, including planny packs, pens, book marks, sticker books, sticky notes, sherpa throws and folios plus planner tote straps will all be designed with the coordinating Layers and Flower Power themes.  Some will be available at launch and others will be rolling out in the coming weeks. There is also a new DIY Interchangeable Pen Kit and a new collaboration with PopSocket (available now) which features favorite EC designs on this popular fun accessory for your phone.



There are definitely a lot of firsts in this collection including two special gifts with purchase for EC Insiders. When EC Insiders make their purchase on the special pre-launch days (April 27th & 28th) there is a choice of either a gorgeous hand beaded coin purse featuring the Layers design or a neutral Layers Productivity Journal that will be combined with an exclusive Clear Layers Clutch (while supplies last).


EC Insider Launch gift


Are you team Layers or team Flower Power? With all these incredible options it will be hard to choose!


New Collection From Bloom Daily Planners

New Collection From Bloom Daily Planners

This spring, bloom daily planners has launched one of their largest collections of new products to date! There are a total of 49 products including planners, calendars, accessories and more. It features many exciting new products, upgrades and value added details, all without increasing the price. The dated planners in the collection are for the academic year, which for the first time will include thirteen months (July 2020 – July 2021), an extra month than in previous collections. Wider spiral bindings have been added to accomodate for the extra month and more life coaching pages upfront. Additionally, soft cover planners now come with a free sticker sheet and magnetic page marker.

The new covers are designed with beautiful colors, patterns and motivational quotes, some of which are artist collaborations or part of the company’s special Give Back program. The collection also includes different planner layouts (vertical, horizontal, student) made to compliment any planning style and help you bloom into the best version of yourself.

Here is a closer look:


VISION PLANNERS are hard cover planners that are designed with guided prompts to help you set goals and actually achieve them. There are more than twenty pages of upfront life coaching worksheets that help you map out each area of your life like purpose, values, vision, habits, budget plus helpful checklists. The four cover options feature monthly and weekly layouts with vertical style columns, notes columns and daily water trackers.



SOFT AND HARD COVER PLANNERS are a smaller, more portable size (6″ x 8.25″) but still filled with the same amazing details and pages. There are 23 soft covers and 7 hard covers in the collection. Some cover designs are returning favorites mixed with fresh new designs and artist collaborations*. These planners feature the upfront life coaching pages, monthly and weekly layouts with horizontal spreads, notes and weekly priorities. The soft cover planners have interior front and back pockets plus a free sticker sheet and magnetic page marker. These are few of the cover options available.



NEW DAISY PLANNERS are specially designed for students (elementary through high school) to help track assignments, classes and projects. The planners have a flexible cover and feature upfront goal setting pages, vision board pages, mission statements as well as helpful educational resources and content.  There are three cover designs with monthly and weekly layouts and the grid style pages make it easy to stay on top of each class/subject.



WALL AND DESK CALENDARS are also part of the new collection and make a great addition to your regular planner. These larger formats are great for big picture overall plans. The planning pads are now available in a new half size (11″ x 17″) and feature a vision board, shaded weekend design, plastic protective corners and holes for hanging.




ACCESSORIES for the academic launch include a new value pack of stickers (with 1,000+ stickers) featuring some of the most popular sheets, a horizontal weekly planning pad, a horizontal weekly meal planning pad with magnets and a beautiful collection of prayer cards.



For more information and details about all of the products visit the bloom website or follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Tips For Planning During Uncertain Seasons

Tips For Planning During Uncertain Seasons

How exactly does planning work during a season of life that is so uncertain? As planners, we like to know and schedule everything ahead of time. It gives us a sense of organization, preparedness and dare we say, control. We strive for planner peace to find the “perfect” planner or “just the right” set up that keeps everything in our life organized and in place. However, it is important to remember that our planning should evolve and change with our needs especially as our life changes and flows through different seasons.

During this time of uncertainty, so many of us may be struggling with schedules that have changed and shifted. For some, life has completely slowed down while others may have complete overwhelm with new responsibilities. Either way, continuing to plan is very important way to help you stay motivated, feel productive and relieve stress.

Here are a few helpful tips:


As planners, we rely on our systems and tools to stay organized and get things done. Give yourself a little grace right now as we transition into new routines. If you find your schedule is completely full during this time it would be best to continue using your planner everyday to keep track of it all.

◾️Try block scheduling by blocking out times of day that are dedicated to specific tasks or areas of life. If you are juggling more of a work load either from your job (like daily zoom calls and meetings) or home life (like home schooling kids and never-ending laundry) this is a great way to visualize your day and break it down into manageable chunks of time.

◾️Consider supplementing your current planner with some helpful tools like meal planners, lesson planners, notebooks and journals. This may help you organize your thoughts before putting things down in your regular planner.

◾️Don’t over schedule and put pressure on yourself to tackle it all just because you are home right now. Create a bucket list of things you would like to accomplish and tuck it into your planner. Each time you find a spot that you want to fill with something, pull one item from the list and work on it until complete.  Trying to tackle everything at once will get too overwhelming so take a few minutes to do a brain dump and get all the thoughts out of your head and on paper.

◾️Leave room for self-care because you can burn out just as easily at home as you can on the go. Taking care of all the things and all the people can be totally draining. Set time aside for yourself and do something that makes you feel relaxed and brings you joy. It’s important to stay positive because it will help with your stress levels and make things better for all.



With so much of life getting canceled, planning may not seem necessary but, the exact opposite is true. Planning gives us purpose and keeps us productive. Now is the time to use your love of planning to embrace new styles and try new things you may not have had time for during the regular grind. Keeping up with a slow but steady pace in your days will help you during a time of unknown.

◾️Get creative and think of your planner as a blank canvas. Your days may not be filled with appointments and errands right now so tap into your inner creative side and try something new on your planner pages. You may enjoy something like water coloring, practicing your hand lettering or making your own stickers, dividers and dashboards. Take advantage of online resources being offered (many are available at discounted prices) to learn something new or download printables to try out.

◾️Set up a new planning style. It is very possible that your current planning system may not be appropriate for quarantine life. Don’t stress out about it or give up on planning all together. Try embracing a new style or system during this time like a bullet journal or gratitude journal.  If you are a big picture planner with monthly and weekly views, it may be helpful to switch to a daily planner or notebook to focus on one day at time.

◾️Documenting your days is so important. We are in a very unique time so documenting your days and memory keeping is a great way to process your feelings. It can be as simple as a thought per day (with or without pictures) to an elaborate scrapbook of what your life looks like right now. Staying consistent and focusing on something other than the news will help ease stress and benefit your overall mental wellness.

◾️Connect and support our community. Now that life has slowed down, it is great time to connect and support each other. Finding inspiration from fellow planner friends is a great way to stay motivated. Our community is filled with so many amazing people and inspiration. Take some time to read and share a blog, follow a new planner on IG, support a creator and become a patron, subscribe to a YouTube channel, join a Facebook group or participate in one of the many virtual planner meet ups.  This will be a great way to show your support and keep you connected while social distancing.

We got this!





#PlannerCRUSH – April

#PlannerCRUSH – April

It’s time to spread some love and positivity in our community by sharing our latest “#PlannerCRUSH”! In this series we share the planning style of someone in our community that we just can’t get enough of. We are talking about scrolling the IG feed and binge watching all the PWMs. Each time, we will feature a clue along with a few planner pics to see if you can recognize our #plannercrush?  Here goes:


She is a list maker, planner, mom and that handwriting….




Hannah from @hancanplan

Hannah likes the pen and paper vibe but does mix in some stickers and Mildliners in her spreads. She is a busy mom of five and a nursing student. We love her style and how she manages to juggle it all. Hannah uses vertical layouts to plan her weeks, either in her MakseLife or Erin Condren Hourly. In addition, the Erin Condren Petite Daily Planner helps with all the details of her days. We are especially crushin’ over her handwriting which is total goals.


Follow her @hancanplan on Instagram and YouTube 

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