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The Goosby Twins – Kayla & Kristina

The Goosby Twins – Kayla & Kristina

We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This time we are talking to Kayla and Kristina Goosby of @goosbytwinsplann.  

This is the first time our “Planner-preneur” series is featuring #TwinPreneurs! Kayla and Kristina Goosby are the sister-duo behind GoosbyTwins Stationery, a line of planning products, stationery, stickers and accessories. Their goal is to create products that are accessible for a diverse community and provide an inclusive platform where women can set goals, plan, prioritize and dream.

Based in California, the girls work side by side everyday challenging each other to become the best versions of themselves. They are the youngest of five children and credit their family as being the biggest influencers and supporters in their lives. We had a chat with Kayla and Kristina to talk all things planners, community and business. Take a listen below:


The 2021 planner collection includes seven cover designs – Blkluxe, Denim, Secret Garden, Orchid Peach, Lemon Chello, Cloud and Shadow. The interior pages include yearly overviews, special occasions, financial pages, monthly spreads and weekly spreads. All the planners are coiled bound with interchangeable covers. There is even the option to have a caricature of yourself that can be made into a customized cover for your planner.


The new, recently launched BLM Collection, includes the first sticker kit designed by the GoosbyTwins. Along with three unique covers, the collection features artwork specially designed to shed light on social issues, systemic racism and racial injustice. Proceeds from the sales of the collection will be donated to BLM charities and causes. Here is a look at this powerful collection: 

Both Kayla and Kristina are amazing individuals and their story is so impressive. We can hardly wait to see what else is to come. Follow the GoosbyTwins on Instagram and check out their website to support the BLM Collection and see all the new 2021 planners. 

Planning A Happy Life – Q & A With Stephanie Fleming

Planning A Happy Life – Q & A With Stephanie Fleming

Since launching The Happy Planner, a brand known for happiness and positivity, Founder Stephanie Fleming has learned a thing or two about happiness and life. Throughout her amazing journey, Stephanie has used her planner as a vital tool to keep it all together, document the ups and downs, brain dump her master list of tasks, pursue overall wellness, and so much more! Although recently retired from her position at the company, Stephanie continues to embark on her pursuit to spread happiness, embrace positivity and plan a happy life.  Now she is sharing that knowledge with us in her new book, Plan A Happy Life – Define Your Passion, Nurture Your Creativity And Take Hold Of Your Dreams.  


The book is meant to be a guide that encourages you to take hold of your life and be an active participant in your own happiness. It releases this week everywhere books are sold and is much anticipated by the Happy Planner community (as well as the planner community overall)! There are a host of fun things planned for the launch including a collection of exclusive products, online chats and a virtual book club.  All the details can be found below. But first, we wanted to share our chat with Stephanie, as this book is coming out into the world.

Here’s the Q &A, where Stephanie shares her thoughts on all things happiness and what’s next after retirement:  


When did you realize that you needed to actually plan a happy life, most people seem to wait for it to happen to them?

After years of being a world-class people pleaser, I realized that by only putting importance on what others wanted, I was depriving myself of the happiness that I was so desperately seeking. In fact, I was so preoccupied with the opinions of others that I didn’t even know what made me happy. So, I started to figure it out and actively plan what I needed to do to create my version of a happy life.  


Can you share your thoughts on why most people focus on the “when I have xyz.. then I will be happy” mindset? Is it more of a journey rather than a destination?

One of the biggest mistakes people make when pursuing happiness is believing the myth of “I will be happy when…” Happiness exists within you, where you are right now. It is found in gratitude, purpose, community, relationships, faith, optimism, acceptance and love. The noble pursuit of happiness, or a happy life begins AFTER you understand and embrace this. It becomes a journey that we are on for the rest of our lives. We continually walk down the path that sings to our soul and fulfills our purpose. If we embark on this journey without finding happiness within ourselves first, we may find success or relationships, but there will always be something missing like filling a bottomless glass. It will never fill you up. Trust me!  


Do you think happiness goes through “seasons” or changes throughout life? If so, how has your perspective evolved since launching The Happy Planner? 

Absolutely, Happiness looks and feels different to us as our lives change, and as we grow. I am a passionate advocate for “regular happiness check-ins”, both when you’re struggling and when you’re thriving. It’s a great way to ensure that you are following the path to a happy life. I don’t think my perspective has changed, bu the things that make me happy have changed in the five years since we released The Happy Planner. Change is a certainty of life. We must adapt and evolve to be fully present today.  


Is there a “secret sauce” or balance to finding happiness? 

I wish there were! My theory is basically this; the squeaky wheel gets the grease. And by that, I mean, sometimes a particular area of our life needs more time and attention than others, and that’s okay! Show yourself some grace and realize that you can’t do everything at one hundred percent, all the time. Imagine if you were caring for ten children at one time. On any given day, one of them will undoubtedly, need more attention than others. You instinctively tend to that child’s needs first and the continue to care for the other nine. Your time and attention are not evenly divided into tenths every day. Neither is it that way for the demands of your time today. So don’t be so hard on yourself when you can’t be the gold star standard at everything. You’re doing just fine!


Can you explain how the “Four P’s (purpose, planning, positivity and persistence) found in the book relate to happiness and are they all necessary? 

The “Four P’s” is a formula I came up with based on the result of examining the times in my life when I was the happiest, and when I found the most success. There was a pattern in each of those circumstances.  I had a clearly defined PURPOSE that I was working toward, a specific PLAN to carry out my purpose, a POSITIVE and optimistic attitude, and a PERSISTENCE that motivated me to get up each time I stumbled. It was a lightbulb moment! Of course, you can experience happiness and success without all four. However, in my experience, when PURPOSE, PLANNING, POSITIVITY and PERSISTENCE work together, the journey is more fulfilling and the joy, more meaningful.  


What does the next chapter look like for you personally (now retired) and will there be more books coming?

Maybe! I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing Plan A Happy Life. While I don’t have any immediate plans to do so, I would really love to write another book one day. Retirement, while a BIG change in my life, has been good for me. It’s relatively new, but I am enjoying this time to slow down and reevaluate what I want from this new chapter of my life.

Join all the fun around this release, get involved and pursue your own happiness! Here are the details:



The book (autographed by Stephanie) as well as a collection of fun coordinating products will be available on The Happy Planner website. The collection features a 12-month neutral planner, a guided journal, half sheet filler paper, two value sticker books, a pouch, snap in envelopes, a signature gold disc charm and dry erase board. This is the walk through Stephanie shared on her YouTube channel recently:  


As the exclusive retail partner for the the book release, Michael’s will be doing a three part online series of fireside chats with Stephanie. The online series will include an interview with Stephanie by Harper Collins (the publisher) a review of the bonus content and exclusive digital downloads. The in-store launch will include the collection of coordinating products and the limited edition of the book (which has eight bonus pages of happiness mapping exercises) that will be available starting August 28th.  

THE BOOK CLUB – September 6th 

The book club kicks off shortly and you can sign up at It is an online workshop format that guides you through the four main sections of the book to help you ask those hard questions about your own life, find the answers and make a plan of action. The four parts of the book club will include: Defining Happy, The Four P’s, Nurturing Happiness and Living Happy. There will be an interactive and social media component that will help you make a happiness manifesto or blueprint for your own happiness.    

Thank you so much to Stephanie for always sharing her heart and creating products that bring joy to so many lives. If this is retirement, we all can’t wait to see what comes next. The book will also be available at Joann and everywhere books are sold. Be sure to keep up with Stephanie on her personal Instagram and website to see what she is up to next.

#PlannerCRUSH – August

#PlannerCRUSH – August

We are so excited to share our latest “#PlannerCRUSH”! In this series we share the planning style of someone in our community that we just can’t get enough of. We are talking about scrolling the IG feed and binge watching all the PWMs. Each time, we will feature a clue along with a few planner pics to see if you can recognize our #plannercrush?  Here goes:



She has plans and heart….




Darian from @darianplans


Darian has a passion in all she does and her enthusiasm and positivity are contagious. In addition to becoming an active member of the planner community, her “Planning Together” series on YouTube is a must-see every week. This year, she is taking on a new role by joining the Makse Life team as Community Development Coordinator. She will be working on building and encouraging the brand’s community, expanding the “Makse Mentors” program as well as working on social media and the upcoming launch. Through the new Mentors program, she hopes to make a real difference in the lives of at risk teens by teaching them skills for goal setting and planning. Currently, she is using a Makse Life vertical planner and disc bound system to manage her life and many projects. We are looking forward to having her share more of her gifts with us.


Darian Plans Planning Together


Follow Darian on Instagram and YouTube

The Cutest Collab – Hello Kitty x Erin Condren

The Cutest Collab – Hello Kitty x Erin Condren

For more than 40 years, Hello Kitty has been a favorite cartoon character of kids and adults around the world. Now, the Erin Condren company has designed its first collaborative collection featuring the lovable character on products that are both fun and functional. The new collection, available August 13th, captures the adorable persona of Hello Kitty that appeals to kids but also incorporates a sophisticated style that works for adults as well.

The products in the collection include everything from interchangeable covers to stationery to notebooks, stickers and cute accessories. The colors used throughout the products are a whimsical blend of the signature palettes from both brands. Let’s take a look:    



There are four interchangeable cover designs in the collection which can be purchased individually or on a spiral notebook or planner. They can also be personalized and are pictured below, left to right: Asterisk, Flower Power, Meadows, Metallic Asterisk 


In addition to spiral notebooks, there are two softbound notebooks which have lined pages, satin bookmarks, foiled page edges and gorgeous covers. Pictured below, left to right: Asterisk pattern with gold foil details and Rose Gold with embossed Hello Kitty face.  The notepads in the collection have the same high quality paper and size options as the regular Erin Condren notepads plus personalization. They are available in the following designs, pictured left to right: Asterisk, Flower Power, Meadows and Pretty Kitty. 


There is nothing like a handwritten note, especially in the world of social distancing. These coordinating notecards and address labels can be personalized and make the best happy mail for a friend or even a gift. Pictured left to right: Flower Power, Hearts and Pretty Kitty 


Markers, stickers, pouches, oh my!  The accessories in this collection are so fun, colorful and make great companions to the other products. 


A new coiled memory book is part of this collection to help you document your friendships, journal and memory keep those special moments. It has both blank and prompted pages throughout along with adorable Hello Kitty artwork. It also includes a special sheet of stickers in the back.  It works great with the new Hello Kitty Dual Tipped Marker sets to make your pages fun and colorful. 

New Layouts From Golden Coil Serve Today’s Lifestyle

New Layouts From Golden Coil Serve Today’s Lifestyle

Golden Coil was founded on the idea of allowing you to create a planner the way you want to.  From the cover through the last page, you can select from versatile layouts, add on + Pages and even upload your personal contacts and important yearly dates to be printed in your planner. The company’s website guides you through the easy step by step process of building your ideal planner one section at a time.

The new August release includes layouts and + Pages that were designed to suit the remote lifestyle we are all getting accustomed to living in right now. Whether it’s back to school or distance learning, working from home or freelancing a side hustle, you can design a planner that works for you. There are three new covers, two new weekly layouts and eight new add on + Page options to choose from to provide the fresh start you may be craving.



The three new cover designs feature prints that are perfect for the transitional season of summer leading into fall. Pictured below, they are left to right: Fronds, Crescent and Nightfall. 


Golden Coil New Covers



The two new layouts include the Weekly Double Page Vertical 3 (left) and the Daily Horizontal 2 (right).  The new weekly layout was created intentionally for teachers or homeschool with vertical grid columns perfect for outlining assignments and subject lessons. While the daily horizontal works well for freelance projects and side hustles allowing a full page with plenty of space to map out your most productive days.




The + Pages are something unique to Golden Coil and are supplemental to the main layout of your planner.  They are designed to give you additional space to focus on a specific area. This new selection features eight designs that are great for school, work, home projects, freelance projects and expense tracking. You can choose to add these pages to your regular planner or set them up as a separate notebook.


This latest release expands upon the vast selection of options already offered by the company. It also proves their commitment to pushing boundaries when it comes to planner design solutions.  All the Golden Coil planners and notebooks feature 80# Mohawk paper with a unique toothed finish to absorb ink with less shadowing and bleed through.  The gorgeous selection of hard covers features printed patterns, designer collaborations plus linen or leather (like) textured color options. The binding is a “golden” wire-o coil and adjusts to the appropriate size depending on the amount of pages added to your planner.

You can check out all Golden Coil products on their website and follow along on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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