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Are you ready to say goodbye to 2020 and set some goals for 2021? Cultivate What Matters is launching the 2021 Power Sheets to help you get started. The Power Sheets is an intentional goal planning system that helps you focus on what matters most, gain clarity and move forward with purpose. After a beautiful design refresh last year, Cultivate What Matters has done some more fine tuning to bring you the best goal setting experience. This year’s launch is SO exciting because there are some much requested updates as well as a stunning collection of accessories, more helpful resources with the introduction of the new Goal School plus a live virtual event!

Let’s take a look at it all:

2021 Power Sheets Collection From Cultivate What Matters


The 2021 Power Sheets Collection includes a choice of four gorgeous cover options – Sea Glass, Pink Sunrise, Clear Skies and Citrus Garden. There are some new aesthetic changes on the outside including rounded gold corners, a smaller wire-o coil for easier page turning and reduced page count for less bulk and more portability.

2021 Power Sheets Sea Glass
2021 Power Sheets Pink Sunrise
2021 Power Sheets Clear Skies
2021 Power Sheets Citrus Garden

While the Power Sheets are definitely gorgeous on the outside, as many of us know, the real magic happens on the inside!  Starting with the Prep Work to the Quarterly Action Plans and Refreshes down to the monthly Tending Lists, the system is designed to help you stay on track and make progress all year long. The Prep Work in the front of book has been streamlined (from 34 pages to 21) to help make the process more simplified and efficient. As a guide, the Cultivate Team recommends breaking down your goals by setting one mini goal for each of the eight yearly goals per quarter. This allows you to remain focused and move forward at a good pace. Plus this year, there are new pages in the planner to provide space to set those mini goals every quarter.

Here’s is a helpful breakdown of the steps that go into the Cultivated Goal Setting Process:

  1. Do the Prep Work – inner reflection to dig deep and figure out what’s important
  2. Set your yearly goals (8) – covering the main areas of life
  3. Create a vision board  – to inspire and keep you motivated
  4. Choose your word of the year – to keep you connected to your “why”
  5. Make an action plan – set your mini goals for the quarter to stay on track
  6. Brainstorm some action steps – monthly, weekly and daily things you can do to make little by little progress
  7. Outline a yearly overview  – to visually plan out your actions by quarter and to reduce overwhelm
  8. Dive into your first month!

A flip through peek inside the 2021 Power Sheets in the video below from Cultivate What Matters.


For the first time this year, Cultivate What Matters has created Goal School! Goal School is a new FREE online membership for all Power Sheets customers and users that offers access to tons of Cultivate community resources. Once you purchase your 2021 Power Sheets, you are automatically enrolled and ready to get started. Goal School is the new online space that will house everything you need to help you use your Power Sheets. It includes the popular Coaching Series with Lara Casey that walks you through the prep work for 2021 plus helpful downloads and other valuable and exciting features.

2021 Power Sheets Goal School Cultivate What Matters


There are so many beautiful and colorful accessories in the 2021 Power Sheets Collection this year! The Cultivate Team has created lots of new products to help you with setting and achieving your goals while having fun along the way. All of the accessories are designed to coordinate, color code and work with the Power Sheets. The collection includes a 2021 Goal Setting Sticker Book, Zipper Accessory Pouches (three color options), a brand new Color Coding Marker Set (11 markers), the WildCard Page Pack (everyday essentials), a Tending Tape Set (five washi rolls) and Page Marker set.  Here’s a look at the collection and there will also be a three awesome bundle options available for the launch. 

2021 Power Sheets Goal Setting Sticker Book
2021 Power Sheets Accessory Pouch
2021 Power Sheets Color Marker Set
2021 WildCard Pack Power Sheets
2021 Power Sheet Tending Tape Set
2021 Power Sheets Page Market Set

There are also some additional products that can be used alongside your Power Sheets to help brighten your days. They include the brand new Little-By-Little Journal (a gorgeous pocket size journal to track habits, goal progress, gratitude or memories), a 2021 Wall Calendar (filled with inspiring messages, colorful illustrations and a fun sticker set), a Daily Planner Notepad (limited edition to help you map out your days), a Weekly Sticky Notepad (great for weekly overview or meal planning) and a brand new Planner Stickers Pack (four sheets of fun and colorful stickers to use in your everyday planner).

2021 Power Sheets Little By Little Journal
2021 Power Sheets Wall Calendar Cultivate What Matters
2021 Power Sheets Daily Notepad
2021 Power Sheets Weekly Stick Notepad
2021 Power Sheets Planner Sticker Set Cultivate What Mtters


Cultivate Your Year Live is an online virtual event hosted by Lara Casey and the Cultivate Team.  In 2019, the event was created and hosted in person but this year it will be going virtual. It is a full day event that walks you through your Power Sheets Prep Work (guided by Lara) that really guides you through the process and gets you on the road to goal setting success. It makes the entire process more fun, interactive and less intimidating. It also gives you a chance to connect with other Power Sheets users in the community.

The event will be held on Monday, December 7th and will be recorded for playback if you not able to attend live. You must purchase a separate ticket in addition to your Power Sheets – but if you purchase on launch day (October 14th) you will get a 50% discount on the ticket price.

Cultivate Your Year Live

If you are excited to dive into 2021 with intention and use Power Sheets to help, be sure to visit the Cultivate What Matters website and follow along with the amazing community on Instagram and Facebook.

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