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The Haul List – Clearly Organized

The Haul List – Clearly Organized

The Haul List is here! Our ongoing series that features products we are loving, find helpful or just total must-haves. Whether it’s newly released or a well-loved community favorite – be sure to check out these goodies.

Without a doubt clear and acrylic organizers have become a major favorite among the planner community. A quick scroll on Instagram will definitely get you hooked on these clean and minimal looking accessories. The light and airy aesthetic offers high functionality without making your space seem messy or cluttered. Available in everything from smallest desk tray to entire desks and office chairs, this look doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. 

So if you are looking to refresh and organize your home or work from home (WFH) space this spring, we’ve got you covered. The Haul List includes some of the latest goodies that will have your space “clearly organized” in no time. 







Behind The Shop – Indy N Ivy Ink

Behind The Shop – Indy N Ivy Ink

Behind The Shop is an ongoing series that features our talented and devoted shop owner community. Each time, we talk one-on-one with a shop owner/s to hear first hand what shop life is all about. Whether it’s a new shop that just came onto the scene or a popular community favorite – we want to share more about their journeys and stories with you. 

Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers

In 2015, Xaulanda Lewis decided to take her love of scrapbooking and crafting to the next level. After discovering the planner community, she began creating beautiful planner clips and charms which quickly became popular among her local planner friends. Many of them started encouraging her to start designing and selling planner stickers as well.  With a bit of hesitation, plenty of research, some crafty know how and a lot of hard work, Xaulanda decided to take the leap into sticker making and open her shop – Indy N Ivy Ink.


At the time, being a new mom of two little girls (Indy & Ivy), Xaulanda knew she wanted to offer designs in her business that would be inspiring and empowering to all women. With this focus in mind, she has created and expanded her shop to include a variety of products that convey a message of positivity, confidence, inclusion and female empowerment. Not to mention, an amazing collaboration with Paper House that was launched in Michael’s stores. We had a chance to talk one-on-one with Xaulanda about her journey and behind the shop life as an entrepreneur.


Take a listen to our chat below:


Indy N Ivy Ink has grown into a well-known brand in the planner community that offers a range of products from stickers to vellums to dashboards and other planner essentials. Always remaining true to her vision, Xaulanda continues to design products that are inclusive and inspire others. Her sticker collections are both functional and decorative and many feature designs with beautiful and confident women. She even has a complete collection in her shop dedicated to Self Affirmation and an International Women’s Day kit.

In the past year, in response to Black Lives Matter, Xaulanda designed special apparel pieces that would give back to organizations that supported the movement. In addition, she created a special enamel “Sistah” pin that represents the importance of sisterhood and donates 15% of sales to the American Heart Association.

Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Comb
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink BLM Shirt
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Enamel Pin


Last year, Xaulanda had the opportunity to work on a special collaboration with Paper House, called This Is Us. The collection featured designs from ten amazing artists with the mission of embracing uniqueness, celebrating diversity as well as respect for ourselves and others. Each artist chosen represented their own positive and empowering message through their designs. The products are sold at Michael’s stores and on the Paper House website. Now, Xaulanda is hoping to continue the collaboration by designing new products for the collection in the near future. 

Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers

Setting a positive example for her girls is extremely important to Xaulanda. She hopes to continue to grow her business and encourage other women to do the same.

Indy N Ivy Ink

Be sure to follow Indy N Ivy Ink for all the latest collections:





#PlannerCRUSH -March

#PlannerCRUSH -March

We are so excited to share our latest “#PlannerCRUSH” with you! In this series we share the planning style of someone in our community that we just can’t get enough of. We are talking about scrolling the IG feed and binge watching all the PWMs. Each time, we will feature a clue along with a few planner pics to see if you can recognize our #plannercrush?  Here goes:


CLUE: She’s crafty …


Crafty Planner Queen
Crafty Planner Queen
Crafty Planner Queen
Crafty Planner Queen
Crafty Planner Queen
Crafty Planner Queen

ANSWER: Robin @craftyplannerqueen


Robin is a true crafter extraordinaire and her creativity shines through in each one of her planner spreads. She started her paper journey through scrapbooking but quickly fell in love with all things paper crafting and planning. Her current planner line up includes Happy Planner Classic, Passion Planner Weekly and Passion Planner Daily plus an Archer & Olive bullet journal. Robin loves decorative planning and uses everything from stickers to washi to journal cards to card stock to full on mixed media. We just love her style and how she creates mini collages that are like works of art in all her planners. She also has an Etsy shop called Kreative Rob where she sells a mix of printed and digital designs. 

For more crafty planner inspiration, you can find Robin here:





Etsy Shop 


Planner’s Guide – Memory Planning

Planner’s Guide – Memory Planning

It’s the everyday stories that make up our lives. 

In honor of National Write Your Story Day (March 14th), a day which encourages all of us to write our own unique stories, we wanted to dive into the topic of memory planning. With so many planner people having started out in crafting and scrapbooking, memory planning seems like a natural evolution. Traditionally, scrapbooking is known as those 12 x 12 pages filled with photos and embellishments documenting life’s special occasions. Whereas “memory planning”, is typically done in a planner (of your choice) and can take on many interpretations. It can also be full of pictures and embellishments or could be as simple as journaling about your day and adding a few stickers or highlights of color to the page. 



➡️ Documenting each day creates a time capsule of our lives for ourselves and other to look back on.

➡️ Writing and journaling the events of the day is a great self-care and mental health practice.

➡️ Memory planning can be a creative outlet or hobby to express yourself in a new way.

➡️ It leaves a tangible legacy of treasured artifacts for family and friends.

Whether you’re already on a memory planning journey or need some help getting started, we’ve put together a guide of essential tools, inspiration and resources to help enhance your experience. 


Although memory planning can be done with just pen and paper, its so much more fun to add your own creative touches. Here is a list of some essential tools to consider adding to your cart when getting started.


☑️ Mildliner and Tombow Markers

☑️ Fiskars Paper Cutter and Xacto Knife

☑️ Adhesive Tape Runner

☑️ Photo Printer

☑️ Stamping Block and Ink Pads


Look no further than Instagram (#memoryplanning) or Pinterest to find inspiration for creative ways to tell your story. Here are a few accounts to follow that are full of creative ideas and different ways of documenting the everyday. 


From online classes to YouTube tutorials to monthly subscriptions, there are so many resources to help you on your memory planning journey. Taking an online class or setting up a monthly subscription is a great way to keep you motivated and consistent plus give you ongoing inspiration and prompts to spark your creativity.

Heidi Swapp Stop The Blur

STOP THE BLUR monthly class subscription from Heidi Swapp

Ali Edwards

DAY IN THE LIFE project from Ali Edwards

Teresa Collins

PROJECT KITS from Teresa Collins 

Cocoa Daisy

COCOA DAISY subscription and online classes

Studio Calico

STUDIO CALICO online classes and kits

The most important thing to remember is you do you and embrace whatever works in your life.  Have fun along the way!







Top photo credit: @momandagirlwithplans 

Empowering Style & Elegance – Interview with Vivian from Notiq

Empowering Style & Elegance – Interview with Vivian from Notiq

Notiq is quickly becoming synonymous with style and elegance among planner enthusiasts in our community. The founder, Vivian Jokotade Adeniyi, has a real passion for art and design that brings a unique edge to the brand and the products.  As a young girl in Nigeria, Vivian had aspirations of being a fashion designer. Now, she has definitely fulfilled that dream and found her niche in designing products that empower women to achieve their goals and stand out from the crowd. Each collection embodies the fashion-forward and chic essence of the brand that so many have come to love.  


In 2019, the first collections debuted which really hit home with so many women that were wanting personal planning and organizational products that allowed them to embrace a sophisticated sense of style. This year, Vivian hopes to expand with even more collections as well as bring new products to market (hint, hint) that will also meet the needs of her customers.  


We talked with Vivian all about her vision for the brand and how she finds inspiration to create beautiful products that empower others. Take a listen to our chat below:


The mission of the Notiq brand is to celebrate ambitious woman who want elegant and timeless products that reflect their personal style and values. Each exclusive collection makes a statement of sophistication that gives women the confidence to tackle their biggest dreams.

Notiq Morning Affirmation Cards
Notiq Goal Setting Wall Poster kit
In just a short time, Vivian has also embraced a big goal of empowering emerging female entrepreneurs in developing countries. Notiq has partnered with Connect Africa Foundation to help provide grants and resources so more women can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to support themselves and others. Through her company, she hopes to make an impact and change the lives of women globally.


The Spring 2021 Collection was designed to uplift and inspire with a gorgeous palette that combines spring colors with deeper elegant tones and textures. Each of the colors were intentionally chosen to emanate the essence of the season while having accents of elegance. The light blue BLISS color (the most popular) has all the “breath of fresh air” spring vibes.  While the rich green LUSH color reminds us of growth and seasons of change.  The collection includes planner covers in a range of sizes (with or without rings) along with other vegan leather accessories.

Notiq Bliss Planner Covers
Notiq key chains
Notiq Lush Planner
Notiq black lizard collection
Notiq Mauve Pouches
Notiq Caramel Saffiano
Be sure to follow Notiq for all the latest news and product releases. Each time you make a purchase, you are helping to change lives and support the dreams of other women.  
Product Photos: Tina Thelen for NOTIQ
Personal Photo: Muyiwa for NOTIQ

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