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These days it has become more important than ever to be an advocate for yourself and your family members when it comes to health. Knowing your body, tracking symptoms and staying on top of your history can be a vital asset in your treatment and diagnosis.  Now, Whitney English has partnered with Johna Jenkins, a nurse practitioner, to develop a comprehensive collection of products called A Plan For Health that empower you to take charge of your own wellness.


A Plan For Health is a collection of wellness planning products that helps you keep your most important information organized all in one place. These useful tools can work together or independently to empower you to be an advocate for your own healthcare. The collection includes a Daily Wellness Tracker, five small (A5) but powerful notebook tools and a notepad that can really make a difference in your overall wellness.

Daily Wellness Tracker – A wire-o undated daily planner (six months) that allows you to visually connect the dots between your lifestyle and your health. It makes it easier to see how your daily meals, sleep, mood, supplements, exercise and medication can effect how you are feeling. 

Medical Organizer – A key organization tool for the entire family. This notebook keeps all vital information in one place and can be essential in emergency situations when you or a family member cannot speak for themselves. It has pages to document emergency contact information, advance directives, health history, personal information, previous diagnosis, allergies, medications and supplements, any hospitalization or surgeries, family health history, list of medical providers, medical insurance information, medical portals and network information, pharmacy information, additional contacts and notes pages.

Monthly Calendar – An 18-month calendar overview to help you see your year-at-a-glance which can work as a companion to your wellness or just as an essential planning tool.

Medical Expense Log A simple but handy log book that helps you stay on top of medical related expenses such as out-of-pocket payments, co-payments, insurance payments, medication costs and more. This is extremely helpful to ensure reimbursement when needed and tax preparation.

Health Care Visits – A convenient way to prep for appointments with your doctor, therapist or specialist. It allows you to pre-plan questions and record symptoms or concerns plus take notes of instructions, recommendations, treatments, diagnosis and follow ups.  There is also a place to log medication prescribed and test taken. 

Weekly Tracker – A useful notebook that works as a companion with other trackers to get a quick visual overview of how often symptoms are occurring or how consistent you are with taking medications, supplements and getting enough exercise and water. It can also be a handy tool in your regular daily planning.

Notepad – A convenient notepad with adhesive sticky pages to jot down quick thoughts or lists that can be put into any of the notebooks or your regular planner. 

All of the products are beautifully designed and provide a full approach to healthcare. The colors and patterns work aesthetically with the Whitney English Planner and the notebooks fit conveniently into the front pocket. 

The products are available on the Whitney English website. 

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