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Welcome to The Planner Wire – the online plannerverse dedicated to our growing community of goal-oriented people who love to plan, craft, connect and share their creativity and productivity. Let’s face it – it’s an exciting time to be a planner. The #plannercommunity is just exploding with amazing new products, brands, events, creators and influencers. Now, finally there’s a single hub for all things planner!

Our goal is to create an all inclusive platform that will allow our community to grow and thrive together. Whether you are a newbie, expert, brand, creator, influencer or enthusiast, The Planner Wire is your place to find like-minded planners that get it. And by get it, of course we mean your love of paper, pens, washi, stickers and all the things. A place to find inspiration, events and get the latest scoop. We will strive to offer an online experience apart from the world of overcrowded feeds. A dedicated space that is uniquely planner.

Join us everyday for your daily dose of planner love, insider news and limitless inspiration.

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