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Back in December, you set some goals for 2021 – but now what? There seems to be an abundance of resources for setting goals and not enough for following through on them. January is almost over and maybe you are feeling overwhelmed already or wondering how to make progress on the goals you set for yourself. The fact of the matter is most people give up on their goals by mid-February. Goals take work, all kinds of work. The kind of work that makes you focus inward and determine what’s important and the hard work it takes to follow through and finish them.

So where do you start? How do you break them down into actionable steps? How do you know which ones to prioritize? How do you hold yourself accountable? How do you pace yourself so you don’t burn out? All of these are important questions and a huge part of making sure you are successful in your goals journey.

We talked with Laken Edwards from @planwithlaken to tackle some of these challenges that come up and stop us from working towards our goals. Laken shares her experience, expertise and tips for actually achieving your goals. Take a listen to our conversation below:


➡️  Decide what you will prioritize and focus on this year

➡️  Progress happens when you celebrate the little wins and milestones along the way

➡️  Accountability is found when you determine what you need to keep going

➡️  Invest in yourself if it will help you achieve your goals

➡️  Take action, get started and follow through

➡️  Rest is important and necessary


The best way to stay focused and achieve your goals is to be intentional with your time and track your progress. Writing your goals down and putting pen to paper makes them seem more real. It can also help with holding you accountable. We all love to check things off, right. There are many tools you can use, the two Laken mentioned are the MäksēLife Goal Planner and the Power Sheets Goal Planner.  Here are a few pictures to show you how she is being intentional and tracking her goals this year.

Plan With Laken
Plan With Laken
Plan With Laken Tending List


Laken has launched an online course called Accelerate Your Goals, which starts February 1st, to give you tools you need to overcome some of the challenges and road blocks that stop you from achieving your goals. She shared some of the course details in a recent YouTube video on her channel, check it out below.

Get ready to start achieving your goals!  For more inspiration and tips, follow Laken in all the places: 






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