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Behind The Shop is an ongoing series that features our talented and devoted shop owner community. Each time, we talk one-on-one with a shop owner/s to hear first hand what shop life is all about. Whether it’s a new shop that just came onto the scene or a popular community favorite – we want to share more about their journeys and stories with you. 

Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers

In 2015, Xaulanda Lewis decided to take her love of scrapbooking and crafting to the next level. After discovering the planner community, she began creating beautiful planner clips and charms which quickly became popular among her local planner friends. Many of them started encouraging her to start designing and selling planner stickers as well.  With a bit of hesitation, plenty of research, some crafty know how and a lot of hard work, Xaulanda decided to take the leap into sticker making and open her shop – Indy N Ivy Ink.


At the time, being a new mom of two little girls (Indy & Ivy), Xaulanda knew she wanted to offer designs in her business that would be inspiring and empowering to all women. With this focus in mind, she has created and expanded her shop to include a variety of products that convey a message of positivity, confidence, inclusion and female empowerment. Not to mention, an amazing collaboration with Paper House that was launched in Michael’s stores. We had a chance to talk one-on-one with Xaulanda about her journey and behind the shop life as an entrepreneur.


Take a listen to our chat below:


Indy N Ivy Ink has grown into a well-known brand in the planner community that offers a range of products from stickers to vellums to dashboards and other planner essentials. Always remaining true to her vision, Xaulanda continues to design products that are inclusive and inspire others. Her sticker collections are both functional and decorative and many feature designs with beautiful and confident women. She even has a complete collection in her shop dedicated to Self Affirmation and an International Women’s Day kit.

In the past year, in response to Black Lives Matter, Xaulanda designed special apparel pieces that would give back to organizations that supported the movement. In addition, she created a special enamel “Sistah” pin that represents the importance of sisterhood and donates 15% of sales to the American Heart Association.

Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Comb
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink BLM Shirt
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Enamel Pin


Last year, Xaulanda had the opportunity to work on a special collaboration with Paper House, called This Is Us. The collection featured designs from ten amazing artists with the mission of embracing uniqueness, celebrating diversity as well as respect for ourselves and others. Each artist chosen represented their own positive and empowering message through their designs. The products are sold at Michael’s stores and on the Paper House website. Now, Xaulanda is hoping to continue the collaboration by designing new products for the collection in the near future. 

Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers
Indy N Ivy Ink Planner Stickers

Setting a positive example for her girls is extremely important to Xaulanda. She hopes to continue to grow her business and encourage other women to do the same.

Indy N Ivy Ink

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