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Behind The Shop is an ongoing series that features our talented and devoted shop owner community. Each time, we talk one-on-one with a shop owner/s to hear first hand what shop life is all about. Whether it’s a new shop that just came onto the scene or a popular community favorite – we want to share more about their journeys and stories with you. 

Knockout Print Shop

Knockout Print Shop is the planner sticker shop created and run by the wife and husband team, Jessica and Matt Lewis.  Being a planner lover at heart, Jessica always used a planner to stay organized throughout school and even to run her prior business, as a gym owner.  In 2015 she found the planner community, after purchasing her first Inkwell Press planner, and decided to open a sticker shop as a fun side hustle. Working as a team, Jessica handles much of the marketing/product development and Matt handles the design and tech side of the shop. Now, a couple of years in, they decided to take the plunge, sell the gym, relocate and run Knockout Print Shop full time.


Having found their niche in the functional side of planning, Jessica and Matt focus on designing products to help enhance your planning experience. With dozens of collections available, Knockout Print Shop has grown to offer stickers ranging from the smallest icons to goal trackers to semi custom products. They are always looking for new ways to help customers improve the productivity and functionality of their planners.


We spoke to Jessica about her journey from planner to sticker shop owner and everything in between. Take a listen to our chat below:


From the beginning, Jessica and Matt knew they wanted to offer something unique. In fact, Knockout Print Shop doesn’t even sell traditional decorative sticker kits. While staying true to their functional mission, they have been able to create a variety of practical stickers specially designed to coordinate with specific planners (Inkwell Press, MakseLife, Hobonichi Cousin and Passion Planner) which other shops were not focused on. Each launch, they put hours into making sure the colors, sizes and fonts work well inside the new planners.  Although the majority of the stickers in the shop are designed for particular planners, they can work well in any planner system.

Knockout Print Shop Stickers
Knockout Print Shop Stickers
Knockout Print Shop Stickers
Knockout Print Shop Stickers
Knockout Print Shop Stickers
Knockout Print Shop Stickers


Being a planner herself, Jessica is very in tune with planner life. In fact, she often discovers new ideas for products through her own planning journey as well as  feedback from customers. She enjoys sharing personal tips, tricks, advice and ways to use stickers in your planner on YouTube. The Knockout Print Shop channel is filled with valuable content for planner enthusiasts and/or newbies. Jessica recently started a “Planner Chats” video series where she talks with shop VIPs about their planning styles. There is also a dedicated Facebook page where planners can engage in interesting conversations about how they are using their planners and stickers. Plus, the Knockout Print Shop website has a “resources” tab that offers helpful content around planning.

Be sure to follow Knockout Print Shop for all the latest product releases:





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