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Behind The Shop is an ongoing series that features our talented and devoted shop owner community. Each time, we talk one-on-one with a shop owner/s to hear first hand what shop life is all about. Whether it’s a new shop that just came onto the scene or a popular community favorite – we want to share more about their journeys and stories with you. 

The Stationery Muse

The Stationery Muse, founded by Tatiana Muse, is a lifestyle stationery brand which creates inspirational and motivational products for women, in particular entrepreneurs.  Tatiana started the business, in 2016, designing and selling A5 planner inserts with the idea of expanding into something more. Over the years, she has created a variety of other products from simple inserts to notepads to a full business planner. Each of these tools are intentionally designed to help women accomplish their goals. Inspiring and helping other female entrepreneurs is something Tatiana is very passionate about and has become a real focus in her business. In fact, you can often find her going live on social media sharing and encouraging other women during her “Monday Motivation” talks. These ongoing live chats have even led to the accidental start of a personal brand focused on business coaching.


Now, after reaching her five year business milestone, Tatiana has decided to move forward with two distinct brands focused on helping women achieve their goals. For The Stationery Muse, she is debuting an exciting rebrand which includes an updated logo, a website revamp and launch of a new collection of products. For her personal brand, she is focused on creating services and dedicated YouTube content around helping women overcome their fears to start the stationery business of their dreams.


We spoke with Tatiana all about navigating entrepreneurship, following your passion and what’s next for both her brands. Take a listen to our chat below:


Being an entrepreneur herself, Tatiana knows first hand that having the right tools to motivate you and keep you productive can be pivotal to your success. With this in mind, she intentionally creates products that go beyond the basics. The signature “bun girl” icon seen on many of the products is a constant representation and reminder of the women that are going after their dreams. The new product collection includes things like the Getting Social notepad, Social Media stickers, the Live Love Inspire Business Planner (2022 version coming soon) as well as some fun decorative products like a bun girl mousepad, t-shirts, tumblers or art prints.  Several of the products are still hand-made by Tatiana herself in her home office.

The Stationery Muse Social Notepad
The Stationery Muse
The Stationery Muse

The Live Love Inspire Business Planner for 2022 is currently in the works for launch this fall. The planner is specially designed to include focused layouts that help plan all aspects of your business. It features yearly foundations and vision pages, quarterly and monthly planning and stat tracking pages plus two-page weekly spreads that keep you on top of all daily tasks. Each week has an additional note page and there is even bonus launch planning pages in the back of the planner. Tatiana reached out to her community of planner users and will be incorporating some updates based on their feedback in the new version.

The Stationery Muse Business Planner


When it comes to following your passion and defining your purpose or “why”, Tatiana is a wealth of knowledge. While in college, she made the decision to pivot away from her path of performing on the stage to studying business and marketing. Quickly after launching her stationery business, Tatiana found her true passion in helping other women find their own path and succeed as entrepreneurs.  Her personal brand, Tatiana Muse, is dedicated to encouraging women to ditch the overwhelm, overcome the fear and just “go for it”!  Also being a mom, to her young daughter, has made her constantly aware of how important it is to encourage and inspire even from a young age. 


As part of her coaching business, Tatiana is taking all the lessons she has learned and sharing them with other female business owners. She helps them identify what fires them up to create their own lane and path to success. She offers a group coaching program (The Inspire Blueprint), 1:1 coaching as well as a Hand-Made Planner Masterclass plus a ton of valuable free tools and resources. And, if you follow her on social media, she is always showing up to share her wisdom and journey as an entrepreneur with her community. 

Be sure to follow The Stationery Muse on Instagram for all the latest product releases or visit the website relaunching today (July 23, 2021). Catch up with Tatiana and all things entrepreneur life on Instagram and YouTube.

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