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The MäksēLife 2022 Planners are a goal setting system and weekly planner all in one. The proven goal system, founded by life coach Sierra Friend, incorporated throughout all the planners keeps your goals front and center all year long.  The combination of annual goals, monthly goals, weekly actions and reflections makes holding yourself accountable and tracking progress easy and flexible. The emphasis is on progress and growth which can be seen in the brand’s tagline – “Just Begin”.

MakseLife Compass Assessment

The goal system found in MäksēLife Planners focuses on eight areas of life – Personal, Fun & Recreation, Work & Learning, Family & Relationships, Health & Wellness, Spiritual & Personal Development, Financial and Physical Environment –  to help you gain balance, fulfillment and satisfaction. The Compass Assessment guides you through evaluating these areas and deciding how to make changes and build new habits to design a life filled with harmony and intention. 

This year’s collection offers more products than ever before. In addition to their Flagship Planners, MäksēLife is launching undated planners, a new daily format, inserts and even a digital version. Plus, there are tons of functional accessories and a new merch shop! 


The MäksēLife Flagship Planners are 12-month dated planners that offer the unique goal setting system within the monthly and weekly pages of the planner.  There are four cover designs including two artist covers, Floral (Jen Pace), Mixed Media (Shelley Chavis) plus a Chevron and Stripe design. All four cover designs are available in both vertical and horizontal weekly layouts. The goal pages have been refreshed with a more streamlined design for this year. The planners have 120 gsm paper with a wire-o coil, hardcover, a pocket folder and sticker sheet with an elastic band closure. 

MakseLife 2022 Planners Artist Cover
MakseLife 2022 Planner
MakseLife Flagship 2022 Planner Artist Cover
MakeLife 2022 Planner


MakseLife Goal System


The new collection of planners includes, for the first time, two undated planner options, weekly and daily. There are 6-month Undated Weekly Planners (basically the Flagship Planner split into two) that have all the same pages as the dated version but on a standard silver coil with a hard vegan Saffiano leather cover. They are available in horizontal or vertical layouts with a Blush or Taupe cover.

MakseLife Undated Planner

The Daily Undated Planners are a quarterly option in a compact A5 size that also includes the goal setting pages and monthly spreads followed by seven simple daily pages. The pages are designed to be minimal on purpose for you to make them work for your life and goals. They are available in four vegan Saffiano leather covers including Taupe, Blush, Teal and Salmon Red. 

MakseLife Daily Planner
MakseLife Daily Planner
MakseLife Daily Planner
MakseLife Daily Planner


Both the Undated Weekly and Daily Planners are also available in a new insert option that is unbound and unpunched and can be used on rings or discs for ultimate flexibility. The insert packs include everything that is found in the bound planners including the folders and stickers plus plastic protective covers. There are horizontal and vertical layouts for the weekly inserts as well. 

MakseLife Inserts
MakseLife Undated Planner


Digital planning is coming to MäksēLife! An exciting digital version of the Flagship Planner will be launching in December. 

MakseLife Digital Planner
MakseLife Digital Planner
MakeLife Digital Planner


For 2022, the accessories collection has expanded to include so many functional items that all work in tandem to enhance your planning and goal setting. The favorite Companion Notebooks will be returning again as well as other products like, washi tape, pen pouch, post it note pads (Daily & Habit Tracker), pen loops, bookmarks and more. 

MakseLife Bookmarks
MakseLife Magnet Bookmark
MakseLife Tote
MakseLife Washi Tape
MakseLife Pen Loop
MakseLife Pen Pouch
MakseLife Daily NotePad
MakseLife Notebooks
MaskeLife Tote
MakseLife Habit tracker
MakeLife Stickers
MakseLife Sticker Book


As if this wasn’t all enough, MäksēLife has launched a merch shop which is open now. It has apparel, like hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts as well as canvas totes, all featuring signature MäksēLife quotes and taglines.

MakseLife Hoodie Sweatshirt
MakseLife TShirt
Maske Life Hoodie Sweatshirt
MakseLife T shirt
MakseLife Sweatshirt
MakseLife TOte
MakseLife Sweatshirt
MakseLife Tote

CLUB MÄKSĒ 2.0 – Coming Soon 

The popular online group coaching program, CLUB Mäksē, started by founder Sierra Friend, will also be returning in the new year. The intentional curriculum is designed to give members the opportunity to take a deep dive into their goals, reframe mindsets and move past roadblocks in a supportive and safe community.   More information to be announced in December.  


The entire MäksēLife collection launches exclusively on their website on November 17th. For more information, visit them on Instagram and Facebook or search the #MakseReviewCrew on social media. 



The new Visionary Collection from Go Getter Girl Co is created for those that can envision their biggest dreams and go after them. All of the products in the collection are specially designed to give you the tools you need to elevate your daily life and support your goals. 

GoGetter Girl 2022 Visionary Collection

Visionary: A collection designed to encourage you, inspire you, help you to see and define where you are headed. A collection that doesn’t believe in average, doesn’t believe in complacent. It believes in limitless potential inside all of us. It believes in your wildest dreams and sees your visions just as clear as you do.

This is the largest collection ever released by the brand and includes 11 new cover designs and 8 new notebooks (with three closure styles) It is also the exciting introduction of their first vegan leather accessory, the Harper Clutch. 


So much more than a traditional laptop clutch. The new Harper Clutch is the perfect accessory for work, school, interview or coffee date. It is designed to fit all the essentials including a 16” laptop, planner and all your everyday carry items. It is made of high quality vegan leather with hand-stitched details, scalloped edges, champagne gold hardware and soft complimenting satin lining. The roomy gusseted interior has two zipper compartments, two pen loops plus an exterior back pocket. The strap is adjustable and removable. Available in three stylish colors including, Lipstick Pink, Mauve Walnut and Soft Black (embossed detailing). 

GoGetter Girl Harper Clutch Laptop Bag
GoGetter Girl Harper Clutch Laptop Bag
GoGetter Girl Harper Clutch Laptop Bag
GoGetter Girl Harper Clutch Laptop Bag
GoGetter Girl Harper Clutch Laptop Bag
GoGetter Girl Harper Clutch Laptop Bag


The Go Getter Girl Co Signature Planners are an all-in-one planning  solution designed to help you plan your busy days while keeping on track with your goals and dreams.  

GoGetter Girl 2022 Visionary Planner Collection
GoGetter Girl Visionary Collection 2022 Planners

The planners are available in three formats including, the Signature Wire 5:1 Planner Dated, Signature Wire 5:1 Planner Undated and the Everyday Book bound 3:1 Undated Daily. All of the planners are six-months with high quality (bleed resistant) 125 gsm paper. They offer an all-in-one planning solution which combines planning with goal setting, personal development, reflection, and yearly vision boards plus beautiful metallic foil details (cover & tabs) and sturdy construction. 

For 2022, there are 11 new cover designs including, Lust In Sage, Darkest Navy, Beige Wonderland, Cloudy Sand, Pretty Paisley, Just Blushin’, Silver Sky, Planted Pink, Sherbet Sunset, Fantasy Dreamer and One In A Million. 

GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection
GoGetter Girl Co 2022 Planners Visionary Collection


The Notebook Collection includes eight beautiful vegan leather colors that cover all the bases from soft neutrals to pastels to rich deep hues (see below). There are three signature closures (magnetic snap, magnetic scalloped flap and belt loop). All of the notebooks have 160 gsm (bleed resistant) smooth paper in either lined or dot grid with two satin ribbon bookmarks, rounded corners and hand stitched details. They are available in two lay-flat sizes A5 (5×8) or letter size (8.5×11).


Go Getter Girl Visionary Collection 2022 Notebooks


GoGetter Girl Visionary Collection 2022 Notebooks
GoGetter Girl Visionary Collection 2022 Notebooks

Visionary is only the fourth collection from GoGetter Girl Co, founded by Rachel Sproha (Life & Business Coach) in February 2020. GoGetter Girl Co has continued to knock it out of the park with each release while delivering high quality products that inspire the “dreamer, do-er and go-getter” in all of us. 


The entire Visionary Collection is available for pre-order exclusively on the GoGetter Girl Co website which has been updated for the launch of the new collection. Bundle options are also available on the website if you want to order multiple planners or combinations of products/clutches and more.  For more information about GoGetter Girl Co follow along on their Instagram and Facebook.

Making Gifting Easy –  Erin Condren 2021 Holiday Collection

Making Gifting Easy – Erin Condren 2021 Holiday Collection

This year, Erin Condren is making gift giving super easy with their 2021 Holiday Collection. The collection features exciting new products, easy go-to gift sets and fun ideas for family and friends of all ages. Whether it’s a planner to boost your productivity, a functional set of markers or post-it notes or a gift for someone special, the Holiday Collection has quality products that are both innovative and stylish. The collection is thoughtfully curated and includes a wide selection of beautiful gift ideas for any budget.  


Finding the perfect gift can be challenging. But, giving the gift of organization, productivity and style is always a good idea. No matter who is on your list.  Here are some of our new favorites from the Holiday Collection:

Erin Condren Holiday Collection

Eco-Friendly Office Essentials

Coming Soon

Erin Condren Holiday Collection Weekender Bag

Large Weekender Bag

Coming Soon 

Erin Condren Packing Cube Set

Packing Cube Set 

Coming Soon

EriN Condren Lap Desk

Lap Desk

(Available in Pinstripe)

Erin Condren Holiday Collection

Swell Water Bottles

Coming Soon


The 2021 Holiday Collection features more gift sets than ever before. There are five curated sets that make the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Each set has a curated theme of products including, Teacher, Plant Lover, Kitchen, Wellness and Travel. All of the sets are affordable, “done for you” solutions with an array of creative and fun items that help you show that special someone you care. 

Teacher Gift Set 

Productivity Notepad, Sticky Note Roll, Rose Gold Apple Pen, 2 Dual-Tip Highlighters

Erin Condren Holiday Collection Teacher Gift Set
Erin Condren Holiday Collection Wellness Gift Set

Wellness Gift Set 

Wellness Notepad, Rose Gold Pen, Travel Mug, Woven Basket 

Plant Lover Gift Set

 Plant Journal, Gray Dual-Tip Marker, Watering Notepad, Hanging Planter

Erin Condren Holiday Collection Plant Gift Set
Erin Condren Holiday Collection Kitchen Gift Set

Kitchen Gift Set

Recipe & Grocery List Pads, Tea Towel, Mini Serving Board, Rose Gold Pen

Travel Gift Set 

Travel Journal, Rose Gold Pen, Travel Pouch, Refillable Hand Sanitizer 

Erin Condren Holiday Collection Travelers Gift Set


It’s never too early to start good habits. The Holiday Collection is also filled with great gift ideas for kids to start them on their way to success. Plus, the fun Star Wars and Hello Kitty collaborations add some extra fun that kids will just love. 


Erin Condren Hello Kitty Acrylic Caddy

Hello Kitty Acrylic Organizer Caddy 

Coming Soon

For more gift ideas and information about the Holiday Collection, follow Erin Condren on Instagram or visit the website. 


Planner-preneur – LTL Print House

Planner-preneur – LTL Print House

We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This month, we are keeping it all in the family again spotlighting a new family-owned shop in our community. LTL Print House, which just launched this month on Etsy, is the creation of Lisa, Tina and Lam, three women from the same family, who decided to join forces and launch a sticker shop featuring one-of-a-kind illustrations for planning and paper crafting.  

LTL Print House

We talked with all three of these “planner-preneurs” about starting their new sticker business, their own planner journeys and how launch is going so far.  Take a listen to our chat to hear more about their goals for LTL Print House: 


To put it simply, Lisa is married to Tina’s uncle and Lam is married to Lisa’s son. Lisa works on all sticker processing, cutting and operations while Tina focuses on social media and marketing. Lam is the talented designer behind the illustrations and creative designs. Together, they make an incredible team dedicated to bringing classic and functional stickers to the community. As long-time planners, the women of LTL are very versed in what planners enjoy, want and need. Each of them has their own talent and creativity to bring to the brand and are excited for what the future holds. 

LTL print House
LTL Print House
LTL Print House


For the first launch, LTL Print House featured about 2o original designs (created by Lam) in their shop including hand-illustrated florals, hand-lettered scripts, and muted functional boxes. They are offering custom lettered name stickers as well and plan to offer other customs in the future. The brand aesthetic is minimal and neutral with a feminine flair and palette. The stickers in the shop are a combination of white matte paper and transparent in both traditional and big sizes. The designs have a real elegant and sophisticated look. 

LTL Print House
LTL Print House
LTL Print House

So excited to see more coming soon! For more information, follow LTL Print House on Instagram or visit their shop on Etsy. 

Planner’s Guide – Choosing A Weekly Planner for 2022

Planner’s Guide – Choosing A Weekly Planner for 2022

Have you been working on your 2022 planner stack?  There have definitely been plenty of releases and cover reveals to keep you wanting all the planners.  But, when it comes to choosing the best planner for you it’s what’s on the inside that matters most. Yes, we all love the gorgeous covers and shiny new foil but the layout can really be a deal breaker when it comes to function and making your planner work for you. 


In this upcoming series of the Planner’s Guide, we are going to take a closer look at some of the many layout options that are currently available. This time, we are focusing on weekly layout options (vertical section, vertical columns, hourly, horizontal, custom) to help you decide which planner will work best for you in the year ahead. 

Before we dive in, let’s first consider a few important questions:

  • – Let’s start with the basics – Do I like to plan in a vertical or horizontal spread? 
  • – How many planners will I be using – Will this planner be used strictly as an overview of my week or will it be a catch all for everything?
  • – What area of my life or role does this planner serve? 
  • – Do I have a lot of appointments or like to time block – maybe a planner with hourly layouts?
  • – Is it hard for me to write in open space – should there be lines or no lines? 
  • – Are my weekends busy – or is it ok if weekends share a space? 


All of this and more — like size, paper quality, binding, portability — are important when choosing a planner.  Plus compound that with the distraction of shiny object syndrome or FOMO during launch season and you can later be left feeling buyer’s remorse. 


There is definitely no shortage of options when it comes to weekly layouts considering most people really appreciate having that week-at-a-glance. In fact, just about every brand offers their own version of weekly planner.  Here are a few examples and recommendations to explore: 


Other Recommendations: Plum Paper, Lights Planner Action, GoGetter Girl Co, Rongrong DeVoe 





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