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Planner’s Guide: Digital Planning

Planner’s Guide: Digital Planning

Are you thinking of adding a digital planner to your planner stack for 2021? Or dare we say, going digital all together! For a long time digital has been a “dirty” word in the planner community (side eye) because of our devout love of all things paper. But several things have come to pass that have made digital planning more appealing than ever before. 

Here are a few:

📱The never ending expansion of technology and development of computer tools and software

📱The influx of a new tech savvy generation of planners

📱The ease of use and portability of a tablet vs. paper planner

📱The increasing demand for customization in planner systems

📱More planner brands releasing digital versions and/or accessories


To clarify, for the purposes of this article, we are talking about digital planners in the sense of full digital planner downloads not digital planning on a Google Cal or iCal. That said, let’s get into what you need and what you need to know if you are starting a digital planning journey.


Anyone can use a digital planner and it is not as complicated as it may seem. Similar to paper planning, digital planning doesn’t really require much to get started. Considering most people have a variety of devices and tools at their fingertips already, it is not that much of a stretch. Here are the basics you need to jump in and get planning:

📱a tablet (preferably an iPad)

📱a pencil/stylus tool

📱a digital planner of your choice 

📱an app to access and use your planner (Good Notes, One Note, Notability)

There are many ways to set up a digital system with more designs coming out all the time. You can choose to purchase an entire digital planner and upload it to your tablet, just purchase templates, build your own or subscribe to a online app. The best thing about it is that you can make updates, changes, move things around or insert pages where ever you want and of course there are stickers.

We are taking a look at a few options to help you get started:


Passion Planner introduced it’s first digital planners this year which feature the same layouts as the popular print versions. The Weekly Planner (dated and undated) and the Daily Planner (undated) are all available in digital versions plus four awesome sticker books. The digital versions also have interactive tabs which help you navigate through the planner easily plus Note sections for dot grid, lined and grid. And if you need more pages, not a problem, just add them in.  The popular downloads from the Passion Planner library can be used in the digital planners as well.

Passion Planner Digital
Passion Planner Dated Digital Planner
Passion Planner Daily Digital Planner
Passion Planner Digital Sticker Book
Passion Planner Women Empowerment Digital Sticker Book
Passion Planner Self Care Digital Sticker Book
Passion Planner Nature Digital Sticker Book

Bloom Daily Planners first jumped into the digital world by offering their fun and colorful sticker packs through their Etsy shop. Recently, they have expanded their digital product line up to include the Classic Planner (dated), the Teacher Planner (undated) and the Dot Grid Journal. The products have been very popular so more digital versions are in the works for 2021 including a new Classic Planner and a Vision Planner (a favorite among the Bloom community). The files are most compatible with the Good Notes app but PNGs are available as well. For 2021, all the digital products will be compatible to use across multiple apps.  Bloom also has a collaboration with Notability where some of their stickers are available directly inside the app.

Bloom Dated Digital Planner
Bloom Productivity Digital Stickers
Bloom Undated Digital Teacher Planner
Bloom Female Empowerment Digital Sticker pack
Bloom Planners Digital Dot Grid Planner
Bloom Holiday Digital Sticker Pack

The Zinnia Journal App is designed with the bullet journal lover in mind. Zinnia Journal is it’s own app available in the Apple App Store which includes everything you need in itself to begin your creative digital journaling/planning journey. Once you download the App there are two digital planner options, a pre-made journal with planning templates already designed or a blank page to start from scratch. The app is easy to use and features a variety of cover options for your journal, writing/drawing tools and color palettes to work with. In The Studio, an online library in the app, you will find an endless amount of elements that can be added into your journal including stickers, templates, frames, dividers, washi strips and more. There are even some templates designed by Amy Tangerine (@amytangerine) and Nicole Barlettano (@plansthatblossom). The user interface is so simple and fun to use plus you don’t have to worry about messing up your pages and wasting an entire notebook.  You can watch tutorials and inspiration videos on their YouTube Channel, some of which are hosted by Mark from @menwhobullet.

Zinnia Journal Digital App
Zinnia Journal Digital Planning app
Zinnia Journal Digital Planning App


While paper planning is not going anywhere, digital planners will probably continue to expand as far as options. A quick search on Etsy will turn up a large variety of digital planners and even more digital sticker options. The Instagram community is also up and coming with more people beginning to explore digital planning and shops and brands beginning to offer more digital products.

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Collection

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Collection

The 2021 Go Getter Girl collection is launching this week with four gorgeous new cover designs. The collection includes the first dated version of the Signature Go Getter Girl Planner (5-in-1 coil planner) as well as the new undated Go Getter Girl Everyday Planner (3-in-1 book bound planner) along with fun new accessories. The company, founded by life and business coach Rachel Sproha, was created to provide tools that inspire women to go after their dreams. Both planners have simple, easy to use layouts and are filled with valuable resources to help you map out a plan to achieve your goals. For the 2021 launch, each planner purchase will come with a FREE online course that walks you through setting up your planner and using the goal setting pages.

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planners


The Go Getter Girl Signature Planner is a 5-in-1 coiled planner with a hard cover and pastel tabs in neutral ombre tones. The four new cover options for 2021 are Tie Dye Dreamer, Blue Daydream, Bossy Matte Black and Rosé Gold Floral.  It is a six month dated planner (but December 2020 is also included) with monthly, weekly and daily pages (weekends share) plus tons of extras, including more than 20 pages of goal setting and life coaching spreads and monthly vision board pages throughout. The unique horizontal monthly spread offers a full month view on one side with plenty of space for monthly goals, action items and budgeting on the other. The weekly spreads are a vertical lined format with inspirational quotes and a weekly focus area. There are also quarterly evaluation and reflection sections to help you check-in and stay on track with your goals. The coil planner comes with a complimentary snap-in bookmark to coordinate with your cover choice. 

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Tie Dye Color
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Blue Daydream Cover
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Bossy Matte Black Cover
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Rose Floral
Go Getter Girl Planner Monthly Spread
Go Getter Girl Weekly Spread
Go Getter Girl Daily Spread
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner and Course


The Go Getter Girl Everyday is the new book bound format being introduced as part of the 2021 planner collection. It is available in the same four cover options as the Signature Planners but in a more compact and portable version. The planners have a lay flat design and feature all the amazing goal setting and personal development spreads (except monthly vision boards) as the coil versions. The interior layouts include undated monthly and daily spreads (no weekly) plus some bonus extra pages. The monthly spreads in this planner are vertical (unlike the coil version) and the daily layouts are same. 

Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Undated Planner Monthly Spread
Go Getter Girl Everyday Undated Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Goal pages
Go Getter Girl 2021 Everyday Bonus Pages


The launch collection includes a set of custom designed sticky notes as well as a fun winter sticker kit. The sticky notes are a beautiful combination of colorful abstract patterns in colors that coordinate with the planners. There are four sticky note pads in the set with 70 pages on each pad. The winter sticker kit is five pages with a mix of holiday designs and custom illustrations that sized to fit inside the planner layouts. 

Go Getter Girl Sticky Notes
Go Getter Girl Winter Sticker Kit 2021


There is a private pre-sale on November 17th for anyone who joined the VIP waitlist and there will be a public launch on November 20th. All of the products are designed with intention of high quality materials, especially the paper weight. Rachel definitely embodies the Go Getter mentality and is an amazing inspiration in the community.

For more information, be sure to follow the Go Getter Girl Co account on Instagram and visit their website.

New 2021 Planners From KITLIFE

New 2021 Planners From KITLIFE

The new 2021 planner collection from KITLIFE launches this week and the designs are beautiful.  There are three new cover options from a vibrant floral design to a classic marble pattern and a colorful inspirational quote pattern. The name KIT stands for Keeping It Together and the incredible team behind the brand (Jess, Liz and Jenny) strive to create products with intention that help you manage your busy life while staying grounded in what’s important. Both the weekly and daily planners have a strong focus on task management, goal check-ins and achievement as well as healthy living and gratitude. Each of these areas have become synonymous with the KITLIFE brand and lifestyle.


We chatted with two of the KIT girls to find out all the details about what’s coming for 2021. Take a listen below:


The 2021 collection has three new cover options which include a Floral, Marble and Quote. The Quote cover was designed in collaboration with hand lettering artist, Shannon Layne, and inspires us to Keep Looking Forward as we begin the new year ahead. The planners have a hard cover with wire-o binding, interior pocket with two sticker sheets, an elastic band and high quality paper (120 gsm weekly and 100 gsm daily). This new format introduced during the academic launch allows the planners to be more compact plus provide an excellent value. The weekly planner is $22.00 and the daily is $29.00.

The interior layouts are designed with plenty of space to keep track of your important tasks and appointments while helping you maintain focus on your goals. The weekly layout is horizontal with space for timed appointments and tasks plus self care, gratitude and a weekly task list with top three. The daily layout is very spacious with plenty of room for writing lists, journaling and more plus space for hourly timed appointments and boxes for self care, gratitude and movement. The daily planner also has a “peek at the week” before every week starts. Both the weekly and daily planners have quarterly goal check in pages as well as two page monthly spreads with colorful tabs.

KitLife 2021 Floral Planner
KitLife 2021 Marble Planner
KitLife 2021 Quote Planner
KitLife 2021 Weekly Planner
KitLife Daily Planner


Also launching as part of the 2021 planners is the Delane Collection which features a more simple design with neutral black covers and functional interior layouts. The collection includes three planners for 2021, an hourly appointment, a horizontal weekly and a monthly. These planners are fairly new to the KITLIFE family and offer a basic and streamlined approach to planning. The planners have durable covers, wire-o binding and 100 gsm paper.  Here’s a look at the weekly below:

KitLife Delane Weekly Planner
KitLife Delane Weekly Planner

Launch day is always fun at KITLIFE!  For the 2021 calendar year launch there will be a free gift with purchase (if you buy on November 16th) that is an adorable iridescent “kitgirl” pencil pouch with three pencils plus there will be a flat rate $5.00 shipping offer in the U.S.

KitLife 2021 Launch Gift With Purchase

In addition to the wonderful products, KITLIFE is surrounded by an amazing community of women that want to be the best version of themselves and encourage each other along the way. There are always valuable resources and free printables found on their website.  In fact, the team has designed a special holiday series to help you finish the year strong and make it through the holiday season during this hectic and challenging year. There will be new, free printables coming out each week until Christmas.

For more information about the 2021 planners, follow KITLIFE on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

Plan With Laur – An Interview With Lauren Ladouceur

Plan With Laur – An Interview With Lauren Ladouceur

We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This month we are talking to Lauren Ladouceur of @planwithlaur 

Plan with Laur Logo

In just a short time, Lauren has become a real voice in the planner community. It’s easy to see her love for planning and connecting with others to help them plan a better life. When she is not working her regular nine to five in corporate marketing, you can find Lauren hard at work creating content for her YouTube channel or any of her other platforms. She is definitely a goal setter and believes in putting a plan in place to take action on those goals. For several months, she has been working on some exciting new things behind the scenes, including a collaboration with bloom daily planners and a Plan With Laur Community on Patreon.  Now she is ready to share even more with all of us.

We talked with Lauren about her exciting new launch, embracing your passion and of course planners.  Take a listen to our chat below:


It’s amazing what can happen when planners come together and support one another. After connecting during National Planner Day, which was founded by the Bloom team, Lauren collaborated with them to co-create two unique PDF bundles that are available for purchase on her website today. The two bundles, which are Finding Planner Peace and Creating A Planner Routine, are designed to help you plan with intention from choosing the right planner for you to making it work in your life to implementing routines that set you up for success. Both PDF bundles can be purchased individually or together and offer value regardless of how long you have been planning. To celebrate this new collaboration and help you get into your planner groove, there is also a fun Spotify playlist to enjoy!

Finding Planner Peace PDF
Creating A Planner Routine PDF


Lauren is also simultaneously launching the Plan With Laur Community which will offer content about planning, accountability, time management, community, live video calls, freebies and more. There are five different tiers which range from becoming a community insider up to 1:1 creative coaching and brand/business development. From her corporate background to social media/influencer experience, Lauren has a depth of knowledge to share. She hopes to use this new platform to connect on a more personal level and provide more value to her community and followers.

Plan With Laur Community on Patreon


One of the best ways to connect with Lauren and see what she is all about is through her amazing YouTube channel where her content is focused on helping you plan today for a better tomorrow. Every week she shares planner videos, tip and tricks to help you use the tools you have, goal setting strategies plus behind the scenes vlogs. In the past year, she has found her own unique style and provides fun content you will enjoy, no matter what planning tools you are using.

For more information about Lauren or to be a part of the Plan With Laur Community follow along on her Instagram, YouTube, Patreon or website. 

Holiday Collection From Erin Condren

Holiday Collection From Erin Condren

The new Holiday Collection from Erin Condren includes gifts ideas for everyone on your list.  This year, the collection focuses on thoughtful and functional gifts designed to organize and plan for the year ahead, connect with friends and spend quality time with family plus get comfortable and just unwind.  There is a beautiful assortment of new products that make great “go-to” gifts and fit a variety of budgets.

Erin Condren Holiday Collection

We’ve pulled together some of our favorites from the collection, let’s take a look:

ORGANIZE AND PLAN – There is nothing like doing a little prep work before the new year.  Give the gift of planning and organization to help others set themselves up for success in 2021, like some fun accessories to make the WFH life more enjoyable.

Erin Condren Airpod Case
EC Acrylic Desktop Calendar
Erin Condren Acrylic Desktop Calendar
Erin Condren Metal Bookmarks
Erin Condren Ultimate PenCase
Erin Condren Holiday Planner Covers

CONNECT WITH FRIENDS & SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH FAMILY – The holidays may look different this year but we can still focus on who matters most to us. Give a gift that helps bring us closer together, like a monogram set of stationery with with a beautiful gold pen or mechanical pencil to send snail mail to friends or colorful puzzles and playing cards for a family game night.

Erin Condren Monogram Stationery Set
Erin Condren Metallic Pen & Pencil
Erin Condren Puzzles
Erin Condren Colorful Playing Cards

GET COZY & UNWIND – Holiday time can get stressful and overwhelming for many of us, especially this year. Give the gift that helps destress, get cozy and just unwind. Nothing says comfort more than the softest hoodie and joggers with an easy to wear crossbody or a new pair of leggings with a tank.

Erin Condren Layer Hoodie
Erin Condren Layers Jogging Pants
Erin Condren Layers Leggings
Erin Condren Metallic Crossbody Bags

Get a jump start on your shopping and check out more gifts that are available from the Holiday Collection on the Erin Condren website. – Happy shopping!

2021 Planner Launch Series – Part Three

2021 Planner Launch Series – Part Three

Our 2021 Planner Launch Series continues with Part Three! The planner options keep on rolling in which makes choosing the best planner/s a real challenge – #plannerproblems.  So if you are still working on your planner stack for 2021, this series showcases different types of planners and some of the new designs that have launched for the calendar year. Part One is dedicated to coiled planners and Part Two is dedicated to book bound planners. This part focuses on inserts and printables. 

We all know there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to planners. Maybe that’s why discs and rings are also a popular option when it comes to planner set ups. They both offer the ultimate flexibility and freedom to create a customizable system that works for you. Plus, there seems to be a growing number of brands and shops offering inserts now. When shopping for inserts (ring or discbound) there are a few important things to keep in mind – printed or printable, paper quality, dated or undated, design aesthetic and size. Many brands and shops will offer a size guide to help you so be sure to check the site for one.

Here’s a look at some of the latest inserts and printables: 


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts (sizes), Lifestyle Inserts, Printables, Accessories and Covers, Ring & Disc Punch, Subscription Box 

Jane's Agenda Planner Inserts
Jane's Agenda Planner Inserts


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts (sizes), RIng & Disc Punch, Lifestyle Inserts, Agenda Covers, Notebooks, Journals and Accessories

NOTIQ Planner Inserts
NOTIQ Planner Inserts


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts in 19 layouts (sizes), Ring & Disc Punch, Lifestyle Inserts, Printables, Accessories, Coiled Planners, Traveler’s Notebooks

Lights Planner Action Inserts
Lights Planner Action Inserts


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts (sizes), Ring & Disc Punch, Lifestyle Inserts, Agenda Covers, Accessories, Pens, Subscription Box

Cloth & Paper Planner Inserts
Cloth & Paper Planner Inserts


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts, Ring & Disc Punch, Printables, Lifestyle Inserts, Notepads, Agenda Covers, Accessories 

Poi & Hun Planner Inserts
Poi & Hun Planner Inserts


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts (so many layouts), Ring & Disc Punch, Printables, Covers, Notepads, Pens, Accessories

Fancy Plans Co.
Fancy Plans Co. Planner Inserts


Shop for: Dated & Undated Inserts (sizes), Ring & Disc Punch, Lifestyle Inserts, Printables, Accessories

8 Lotus Planner Inserts
8 Lotus Planner Inserts

If you want to print all your own inserts, the possibilities are truly endless. Here are some brands and shops that have tons of printable designs and layouts. 

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