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The 2021 Celebrations Collection from Krissyanne Designs

The 2021 Celebrations Collection from Krissyanne Designs

Cue the confetti…the 2021 Celebrations Collection from Krissyanne Designs is available for pre-order today! It is one of the most anticipated launches of the year. It is designed in collaboration with Cindy Guentert-Baldo (@llamaletters) and features her amazing hand lettering, drawings and the lovable “Steve” character. It is the fifth year of the Celebrations Collection and it keeps getting better and better. It is probably the largest collection of stickers available anywhere and is filled with all the things you need to plan 2021 and celebrate your life. 

Krissyanne Designs Celebrations Collection

The Celebrations Collection is an all encompassing collection of functional, fun and decorative stickers that can be used in your planner throughout the entire year. It includes a sticker for just about any holiday and occasion you can think of and some you probably never thought of.  The collection comes in a signature Krissyanne Designs binder (can be purchased without binder) and contains more than 1,000 exclusive stickers with 24 celebration themed sheets (2 extra this year). The color scheme this year is a rainbow palette with a mix of soft, bright and non-traditional hues. Of course all the sticker sheets are printed on that magical removable Krissyanne Designs paper.



1/2″ Pink Krissyanne Designs binder

2 Celebrations sampler sheets

9 sheets of dated holidays for 2021 (special months & days)

10 themed sampler sheets (all four seasons, Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year’s)

1 sheet of months and functional accents


Additional matching sticker sheets will be available for each of the themed samplers throughout the year but Valentine’s Day will be available at launch. Sampler sticker sheets for religious holidays can be purchased as add ons to the collection as well.

Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection
Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection
Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection
Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection
Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection
Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection

There are three fun sets of die cut stickers and a new acrylic desk stand with 2021 calendar cards launching along with the collection. Each set contains 12 large die cut stickers that can be used in your planner or anywhere else you want to have a decorative accents. There is a set of calendar months, a set of seasonal/holiday “Steve” stickers and a set of the cutest “Steve” character themed stickers (ie. Planner Steve).

Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection
Krissyanne Designs Celebration Collection


The collection is available for pre-order January 22 at 12 CST until January 26 (while supplies last). The first 150 orders will get “fast pass” on shipping (5 – 7 days). Also if you include one of the unique codes from the launch team (which can be found on Krissyanne Designs YouTube video) you will receive a FREE “Steve” keychain with one of the exclusive designs. There are 12 fun options to choose from, so check the launch team social media for peeks at these adorable keychains.

The video below is a live walk through from Kristin of the entire collection:

Get your fastest fingers ready!  

Planything – An Interview With Amber van Blitterswijk

Planything – An Interview With Amber van Blitterswijk

We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This month we are talking to Amber van Blitterswijk, founder of @planything.


A little over three years ago, Amber decided to follow her dream and start a business based on her love of all things paper and planning. What started out as a side hustle in snail mail blogging has turned into a full time job creating and selling planning products. Living in the Netherlands, it was not easy to find all the latest products. So in 2017, Amber decided to open her first business, a small online shop called Paper District, which sells craft supplies, papers, stickers and planners from some of her favorite brands. Then in 2020, she decided to take the plunge again, start another brand and go full time on her passion. She created the monthly planner subscription box, Planything, which has become a favorite piece of happy mail for planner lovers internationally. Designing a new box each month certainly keeps Amber busy but she loves spending her days creating, connecting with fellow planners and seeing how they use the products she makes. 


We talked with Amber about following your dream and becoming an entrepreneur.  Take a listen to our chat below:


The Planything website and first subscription box launched in May 2020. Although it has only been a few months, Amber has created over eight custom themed boxes filled with fun and decorative planner products. Each box contains a variety of coordinating products and includes anything from sticker kits to papers to planner covers, punches, pouches, pens and more.  In addition, she offered the first Planything Advent Box that was shared by several content creators on social media during Vlogmas. The latest box, which is on sale now, is called Happy Spring and features a mix of beautiful watercolor florals and Easter themed illustrations. The boxes can be purchased as a subscription or a one time purchase.  Amber works very far in advance to make sure all the products are produced and shipped in time to use seasonally in your planner.  In the new year, she hopes to add new products and possible “mini boxes” themed for specific holidays. 

Here is a look at some of the recent subscriptions:


Planything Happy Spring Box
Planything Happy SPring
Planything Happy Spring
Planything My Year To Shine Box
Planything boxes
Planything Advent Box

Amber does an unboxing of each Planything subscription box on her Instagram and YouTube channel.  Here is a closer look at the new Happy Spring box. 


This month, Planything will also be releasing merchandise for the upcoming Go Wild Conference. Amber has designed fun stickers, washi and more with the signature Go Wild colors and logo. Products will be available on the website starting January 15th. The planner community is something she is very passionate about and has made several new friends since launching Planything. She looking forward to attending the next Go Wild Conference in the U.S. as well.

Planything Go Wild Merch
Planything Go Wild Merch

We know Amber will continue to create great products and are so excited to see what is to come for Planything in 2021! 

Best Tips & Takeaways From Cultivate Your Year Live

Best Tips & Takeaways From Cultivate Your Year Live

This year’s Cultivate Your Year Live online event was filled with goal setting, laughter, tears, dancing, encouraging words and more. About 2,000 people signed up to jump right in and prepare for 2021. After this year, who doesn’t want to the turn the page and have a fresh start!

Led by Lara Casey and members of the Cultivate What Matters team, the event was created to help you set yourself up for success by walking you through the Power Sheets prep work. The prep work, in case you are not familiar, refers to the section that comes before the monthly goal setting pages in the planner. Digging in and doing the work helps eliminate the guesswork and anxiety often associated with goal setting. It also gives you the confidence to move forward and take action on what matters most.


Let’s take a look at some of the best tips and takeaways from the event:


Whether you are a seasoned goal setter or a newbie, doing the annual prep work in the Power Sheets always seems to overwhelm so many of us. Being in community with like-minded people, at the event, helps you push through and support one another. If you were not able to attend the live event, but did purchase the Power Sheets, the new Goal School is an amazing resource to help guide and motivate you through the process. There is a video series to help you get started.


Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind:


✨ Just start! Something you have heard so many times before but is still true. You can go back later and make adjustments and refresh

✨ Don’t be afraid to make a mess, it’s doesn’t have to be pretty. Goal setting works best when you dig down deep to uncover what matters most.

✨ There are no right answers, there are no wrong answers – only your truth.

✨ Using stickers draws attention to things and triggers your brain to focus on it.

✨ Areas with lower life evaluation scores leave the most room for opportunity, growth and change.

✨ Take breaks, especially if you are doing it all in one day. Writing out all your thoughts and feelings can be a bit draining but so worth it.

Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets
Cultivate Your Year Live


Vision boards are a great way to have a tangible roadmap to where you are going. It’s a visual way to keep your eye on the prize, so to speak. Fill it with images that you relate to most and want to have present in your year ahead.


Here are some helpful thoughts to keep in mind:


✨ It’s not about the pictures – it’s about the purpose. Choose pictures that speak to your why and what’s important

✨ Create a board for you – not for Instagram

✨ Make the pictures encouraging and not discouraging. It should motivate you to take action not make you feel less than.

✨ Schedule some time to be intentional about your board but don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make it perfect

✨ Get creative with stickers, colors, pictures, quotes and more. You Do You!

✨ Keep it visible in as many places so it can be a reminder of where you are going

Making A Vision Board


It’s important to make sure your mind and heart are aligned when setting your goals and intentions for the new year ahead. If you know Team Cultivate then you know the day was filled with many encouraging words and “FIRE UP” moments to jumpstart your goal setting journey.


Here are some of our favorite takeaways for you to think on:


✨ Focus on the purpose not just the plans

✨ Live in the now, not in regrets about the past or fear of the future

✨ Make space in your heart and mind for what’s to come

✨ Changing your limiting beliefs can change the course of your life

✨ Living with less makes us grateful for what we have

✨ Dreams become decisions when you cultivate them

✨ Comparison is the thief of EVERYTHING be mindful of where it shows up in your life


Team Cultivate shared some exciting news for what’s to come as we look ahead into 2021. 

✨ January 16th at 1:00 pm – How To Plan Your Year –  FREE class with Lara Casey to take your next step after the prep work 

T.E.N.D. Video Course coming soon inside Goal School

Goal School Premium coming this spring. A monthly membership filled with mentors to help encourage you to reach your biggest goals.

Take the time to do the work – your future self will thank you. 


Planner’s Guide: Digital Planning

Planner’s Guide: Digital Planning

Are you thinking of adding a digital planner to your planner stack for 2021? Or dare we say, going digital all together! For a long time digital has been a “dirty” word in the planner community (side eye) because of our devout love of all things paper. But several things have come to pass that have made digital planning more appealing than ever before. 

Here are a few:

📱The never ending expansion of technology and development of computer tools and software

📱The influx of a new tech savvy generation of planners

📱The ease of use and portability of a tablet vs. paper planner

📱The increasing demand for customization in planner systems

📱More planner brands releasing digital versions and/or accessories


To clarify, for the purposes of this article, we are talking about digital planners in the sense of full digital planner downloads not digital planning on a Google Cal or iCal. That said, let’s get into what you need and what you need to know if you are starting a digital planning journey.


Anyone can use a digital planner and it is not as complicated as it may seem. Similar to paper planning, digital planning doesn’t really require much to get started. Considering most people have a variety of devices and tools at their fingertips already, it is not that much of a stretch. Here are the basics you need to jump in and get planning:

📱a tablet (preferably an iPad)

📱a pencil/stylus tool

📱a digital planner of your choice 

📱an app to access and use your planner (Good Notes, One Note, Notability)

There are many ways to set up a digital system with more designs coming out all the time. You can choose to purchase an entire digital planner and upload it to your tablet, just purchase templates, build your own or subscribe to a online app. The best thing about it is that you can make updates, changes, move things around or insert pages where ever you want and of course there are stickers.

We are taking a look at a few options to help you get started:


Passion Planner introduced it’s first digital planners this year which feature the same layouts as the popular print versions. The Weekly Planner (dated and undated) and the Daily Planner (undated) are all available in digital versions plus four awesome sticker books. The digital versions also have interactive tabs which help you navigate through the planner easily plus Note sections for dot grid, lined and grid. And if you need more pages, not a problem, just add them in.  The popular downloads from the Passion Planner library can be used in the digital planners as well.

Passion Planner Digital
Passion Planner Dated Digital Planner
Passion Planner Daily Digital Planner
Passion Planner Digital Sticker Book
Passion Planner Women Empowerment Digital Sticker Book
Passion Planner Self Care Digital Sticker Book
Passion Planner Nature Digital Sticker Book

Bloom Daily Planners first jumped into the digital world by offering their fun and colorful sticker packs through their Etsy shop. Recently, they have expanded their digital product line up to include the Classic Planner (dated), the Teacher Planner (undated) and the Dot Grid Journal. The products have been very popular so more digital versions are in the works for 2021 including a new Classic Planner and a Vision Planner (a favorite among the Bloom community). The files are most compatible with the Good Notes app but PNGs are available as well. For 2021, all the digital products will be compatible to use across multiple apps.  Bloom also has a collaboration with Notability where some of their stickers are available directly inside the app.

Bloom Dated Digital Planner
Bloom Productivity Digital Stickers
Bloom Undated Digital Teacher Planner
Bloom Female Empowerment Digital Sticker pack
Bloom Planners Digital Dot Grid Planner
Bloom Holiday Digital Sticker Pack

The Zinnia Journal App is designed with the bullet journal lover in mind. Zinnia Journal is it’s own app available in the Apple App Store which includes everything you need in itself to begin your creative digital journaling/planning journey. Once you download the App there are two digital planner options, a pre-made journal with planning templates already designed or a blank page to start from scratch. The app is easy to use and features a variety of cover options for your journal, writing/drawing tools and color palettes to work with. In The Studio, an online library in the app, you will find an endless amount of elements that can be added into your journal including stickers, templates, frames, dividers, washi strips and more. There are even some templates designed by Amy Tangerine (@amytangerine) and Nicole Barlettano (@plansthatblossom). The user interface is so simple and fun to use plus you don’t have to worry about messing up your pages and wasting an entire notebook.  You can watch tutorials and inspiration videos on their YouTube Channel, some of which are hosted by Mark from @menwhobullet.

Zinnia Journal Digital App
Zinnia Journal Digital Planning app
Zinnia Journal Digital Planning App


While paper planning is not going anywhere, digital planners will probably continue to expand as far as options. A quick search on Etsy will turn up a large variety of digital planners and even more digital sticker options. The Instagram community is also up and coming with more people beginning to explore digital planning and shops and brands beginning to offer more digital products.

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Collection

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Collection

The 2021 Go Getter Girl collection is launching this week with four gorgeous new cover designs. The collection includes the first dated version of the Signature Go Getter Girl Planner (5-in-1 coil planner) as well as the new undated Go Getter Girl Everyday Planner (3-in-1 book bound planner) along with fun new accessories. The company, founded by life and business coach Rachel Sproha, was created to provide tools that inspire women to go after their dreams. Both planners have simple, easy to use layouts and are filled with valuable resources to help you map out a plan to achieve your goals. For the 2021 launch, each planner purchase will come with a FREE online course that walks you through setting up your planner and using the goal setting pages.

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planners


The Go Getter Girl Signature Planner is a 5-in-1 coiled planner with a hard cover and pastel tabs in neutral ombre tones. The four new cover options for 2021 are Tie Dye Dreamer, Blue Daydream, Bossy Matte Black and Rosé Gold Floral.  It is a six month dated planner (but December 2020 is also included) with monthly, weekly and daily pages (weekends share) plus tons of extras, including more than 20 pages of goal setting and life coaching spreads and monthly vision board pages throughout. The unique horizontal monthly spread offers a full month view on one side with plenty of space for monthly goals, action items and budgeting on the other. The weekly spreads are a vertical lined format with inspirational quotes and a weekly focus area. There are also quarterly evaluation and reflection sections to help you check-in and stay on track with your goals. The coil planner comes with a complimentary snap-in bookmark to coordinate with your cover choice. 

Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Tie Dye Color
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Blue Daydream Cover
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Bossy Matte Black Cover
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Rose Floral
Go Getter Girl Planner Monthly Spread
Go Getter Girl Weekly Spread
Go Getter Girl Daily Spread
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner and Course


The Go Getter Girl Everyday is the new book bound format being introduced as part of the 2021 planner collection. It is available in the same four cover options as the Signature Planners but in a more compact and portable version. The planners have a lay flat design and feature all the amazing goal setting and personal development spreads (except monthly vision boards) as the coil versions. The interior layouts include undated monthly and daily spreads (no weekly) plus some bonus extra pages. The monthly spreads in this planner are vertical (unlike the coil version) and the daily layouts are same. 

Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl Everyday Undated Planner Monthly Spread
Go Getter Girl Everyday Undated Daily Planner
Go Getter Girl 2021 Planner Goal pages
Go Getter Girl 2021 Everyday Bonus Pages


The launch collection includes a set of custom designed sticky notes as well as a fun winter sticker kit. The sticky notes are a beautiful combination of colorful abstract patterns in colors that coordinate with the planners. There are four sticky note pads in the set with 70 pages on each pad. The winter sticker kit is five pages with a mix of holiday designs and custom illustrations that sized to fit inside the planner layouts. 

Go Getter Girl Sticky Notes
Go Getter Girl Winter Sticker Kit 2021


There is a private pre-sale on November 17th for anyone who joined the VIP waitlist and there will be a public launch on November 20th. All of the products are designed with intention of high quality materials, especially the paper weight. Rachel definitely embodies the Go Getter mentality and is an amazing inspiration in the community.

For more information, be sure to follow the Go Getter Girl Co account on Instagram and visit their website.

New 2021 Planners From KITLIFE

New 2021 Planners From KITLIFE

The new 2021 planner collection from KITLIFE launches this week and the designs are beautiful.  There are three new cover options from a vibrant floral design to a classic marble pattern and a colorful inspirational quote pattern. The name KIT stands for Keeping It Together and the incredible team behind the brand (Jess, Liz and Jenny) strive to create products with intention that help you manage your busy life while staying grounded in what’s important. Both the weekly and daily planners have a strong focus on task management, goal check-ins and achievement as well as healthy living and gratitude. Each of these areas have become synonymous with the KITLIFE brand and lifestyle.


We chatted with two of the KIT girls to find out all the details about what’s coming for 2021. Take a listen below:


The 2021 collection has three new cover options which include a Floral, Marble and Quote. The Quote cover was designed in collaboration with hand lettering artist, Shannon Layne, and inspires us to Keep Looking Forward as we begin the new year ahead. The planners have a hard cover with wire-o binding, interior pocket with two sticker sheets, an elastic band and high quality paper (120 gsm weekly and 100 gsm daily). This new format introduced during the academic launch allows the planners to be more compact plus provide an excellent value. The weekly planner is $22.00 and the daily is $29.00.

The interior layouts are designed with plenty of space to keep track of your important tasks and appointments while helping you maintain focus on your goals. The weekly layout is horizontal with space for timed appointments and tasks plus self care, gratitude and a weekly task list with top three. The daily layout is very spacious with plenty of room for writing lists, journaling and more plus space for hourly timed appointments and boxes for self care, gratitude and movement. The daily planner also has a “peek at the week” before every week starts. Both the weekly and daily planners have quarterly goal check in pages as well as two page monthly spreads with colorful tabs.

KitLife 2021 Floral Planner
KitLife 2021 Marble Planner
KitLife 2021 Quote Planner
KitLife 2021 Weekly Planner
KitLife Daily Planner


Also launching as part of the 2021 planners is the Delane Collection which features a more simple design with neutral black covers and functional interior layouts. The collection includes three planners for 2021, an hourly appointment, a horizontal weekly and a monthly. These planners are fairly new to the KITLIFE family and offer a basic and streamlined approach to planning. The planners have durable covers, wire-o binding and 100 gsm paper.  Here’s a look at the weekly below:

KitLife Delane Weekly Planner
KitLife Delane Weekly Planner

Launch day is always fun at KITLIFE!  For the 2021 calendar year launch there will be a free gift with purchase (if you buy on November 16th) that is an adorable iridescent “kitgirl” pencil pouch with three pencils plus there will be a flat rate $5.00 shipping offer in the U.S.

KitLife 2021 Launch Gift With Purchase

In addition to the wonderful products, KITLIFE is surrounded by an amazing community of women that want to be the best version of themselves and encourage each other along the way. There are always valuable resources and free printables found on their website.  In fact, the team has designed a special holiday series to help you finish the year strong and make it through the holiday season during this hectic and challenging year. There will be new, free printables coming out each week until Christmas.

For more information about the 2021 planners, follow KITLIFE on Instagram, Facebook and their website.

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