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The new LifePlanner launch from Erin Condren is not only gorgeous but it is also filled with more options than ever before! For the first time, the company is releasing TWO design themes – Layers and Flower Power – as part of their signature academic year collection. And we are totally here for it!

Layers is a geometric wave-like pattern meant to remind us that strong foundations are built on an infinite amount of layers. It has been designed in both a brilliant colorful version and a minimal neutral (almost marble-like) version. Both the colorful and neutral versions are available in all the LifePlanner and LifePlanner Binder layouts (vertical, horizontal and hourly) as well as a wide variety of exciting products and accessories.



Flower Power, which first debuted as an interchangeable cover design, has blossomed into a full LifePlanner theme. It is the first time a bold floral pattern has been featured as the interior design theme for the LifePlanner. But, this well-loved favorite has been reimagined to flow throughout the monthly and weekly pages of the planner so beautifully it’s sure to make any flower lover’s heart sing. Flower Power will also be available in all layouts of the LifePlanner and LifePlanner Binder (vertical, horizontal and hourly) as well as other products and accessories. The actual binder will not be available in the Flower Power design, only the interior pages. However, there is a new, gorgeous metallic champagne binder that will compliment any design. Also, if you are a fan of the Erin Condren LifePlanner Binder look out for a special portable punch that fits right in your planner.




Basically, everything you love about the LifePlanner times two! The highly anticipated Daily Coiled LifePlanner will make its debut in this release. The company has combined all the style of the LifePlanner with the functionality of a daily planner and created the Daily Duo. Two coiled books (each filled with six months) that feature an hourly layout, to do lists and all the extras (vellum overlay, stickers, folder, notes pages and more) plus tons of space for planning out even your busiest days. The hourly section runs from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. including half hours. Both planners are being sold together ($68) so you get twice the style and organization. The Daily Duo is available with a July 2020 start or January 2021 start but only in the colorful Layers design.




This collection is definitely not short on accessories to say the least. With two gorgeous design themes, there is even more to love. All your favorite accessories, including planny packs, pens, book marks, sticker books, sticky notes, sherpa throws and folios plus planner tote straps will all be designed with the coordinating Layers and Flower Power themes.  Some will be available at launch and others will be rolling out in the coming weeks. There is also a new DIY Interchangeable Pen Kit and a new collaboration with PopSocket (available now) which features favorite EC designs on this popular fun accessory for your phone.



There are definitely a lot of firsts in this collection including two special gifts with purchase for EC Insiders. When EC Insiders make their purchase on the special pre-launch days (April 27th & 28th) there is a choice of either a gorgeous hand beaded coin purse featuring the Layers design or a neutral Layers Productivity Journal that will be combined with an exclusive Clear Layers Clutch (while supplies last).


EC Insider Launch gift


Are you team Layers or team Flower Power? With all these incredible options it will be hard to choose!


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