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We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This month we are talking to Rachel Sproha of @gogettergirlco    

Rachel definitely dreams BIG and believes in Getting It!  After recently deciding to leave her psychology degree and career behind, she became a life and personal development coach. While teaching her (mostly female) clients how to take action on their goals and dreams, she quickly realized a planner could really help them get better results. So she decided to create one. Fast forward, literally a few months, and the Go Getter Girl Co Planner was born. During this time, she never let fear or doubt stand in her way and figured it all out along the way. Now she is sharing her “go getter” mentality throughout the planner community. 

Although originally Rachel didn’t know the planner community existed, she is fast becoming a real planner girl using all the pens, stickers, highlighters and even learning the lingo. Her goal is to help women plan their schedules while taking action towards their biggest dreams.

We talked to Rachel all about planners, goals, entrepreneurship and more. Take a listen to our chat below:


The Signature Go Getter Girl Planners launched in August 2020. This first collection features three bold and bright designs (Cotton Candy, Majestic Sky and The Rachel) that have hard covers with a gold wire-o binding. The interior pages of the planner offer a “five-in-one” system that includes goal setting, personal development aspects, vision boards plus monthly, weekly and daily spreads. They are all undated but the new 2021 collection will be launching this fall with a dated version as well as other layouts and new binding options. There is a custom sticker set which compliments the planners available now and other accessories will be coming soon, like a fall themed sticker kit, sticky notes, page markers and more. 


Whether you buy the planner, follow her on social media, take a course or become a coaching client, Rachel loves to interact with her community. In addition to her daily Instagram lives, there is a private Go Getter Girl Facebook group, a growing ambassador program and a weekly podcast. She really enjoys speaking to women and helping them embrace their inner go getter to manifest their dreams and live the life they want. 

It’s easy to see how dedicated she is and how she truly embodies the go getter mentality and entrepreneurial life. Rachel is passionate about her company and her positive mindset is very inspiring. We can’t wait to follow along on her journey.  You can find Rachel at @gogettergirlco on Instagram and Facebook for all things planners or @rachmarieofficial for all things coaching and personal development. Be sure to watch for the new 2021 collection coming soon or jump in on a live to say hi! 

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