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If you have ever heard the saying, “it takes a village”? Without a doubt, we are living in a time where this is most applicable. We are fortunate to be a part of an amazing community of planners that are talented, inspirational, resourceful and caring individuals. The last week has shown an incredible outpouring of resources, tips, advice and sharing that has proven we can come together and support one another.  

We have put together a mini guide of helpful links, as social media can be bit overwhelming these days. These are a few of the resources from our community that may help you during this time as well as support your fellow planners: 




March 18 -22 – IG Lives: @thehappyplanner


March 24th –  How To Thrive In A Season Of Uncertainty Live Stream: @Cultivate What Matters


Planning Your Child’s Learning While Schools Are Closed: @kellofaplan


How To Implement A Block Schedule + Plan With Me: @athomewithquita


Distance Learning FacebookGroup: @nycplanneraddicts




Simplifying Life In A Crisis Series: @emilyley


An Open Letter To Parents Thrust Into Homeschooling Because Of Covid -19: @jenmackintosh


Working From Home While Kids Are Here: @jen_plans


Lesson Learning At Home During Covid-19: @ispeakfluentcoffee


8 Ways For Students To Stay On Track While Schools Are Closed During COVID-19: @erincondren


Let’s Organize: A Challenge: @thiswellplannedlife





Playtime with Playhouse: @paperhouseproductions


Color Happy Coloring Pages: @radandhappy ($)


Simple Artistic Exercises In 10 Minutes Or Less:@llamaletters ($)


Hand Lettering 101: @mommylhey ($)


Intro To Brush Calligraphy: @prettyprintspaper($)


The Creative Handbook: @amytangerine


DIY Planner Stickers: @studio_calico


Printable Library: @damasklove





Listening to podcasts is another way to stay connected to our community.  Here is the link to our Planner’s Guide To Podcasts post. 


Share this post with others so we can continue to support each other. If you like one of the links, shout it out on social media. The resources shared are specific links but the accounts, blogs, etc mentioned above are great resources on an ongoing basis not just at this time.  


Stay healthy and safe friends! 


*($) cost 




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