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Today is World Autism Awareness Day and the launch of a very special sticker shop in our community called, The Sticker Spectrum. Created by Jodi McCormack (@scrapronicitycreates), The Sticker Spectrum is based on the hand-drawn artwork of her twelve-year-old autistic son, Liam. First diagnosed with Autism in 2009, Liam began drawing from the minute he could hold a pencil. Now Jodi, along with Liam and daughter Emily, can share his love of creating art through a new whimsical line of stickers and products.



For Liam, everyday pressures and schoolwork can be very intense. So without any sticker making experience (only plenty of sticker buying experience), Jodi jumped right in, started the company and got to work. She hopes to redirect Liam’s anxiety and help him gain confidence by channeling his energy into something he loves – art. Liam’s sister Emily is the hand lettering genius in the family and is helping with many aspects of the company as well.

A few years ago, Liam developed a character called, STICK, an adorable stick figure (modeled after himself) that is the heart of The Sticker Spectrum brand.  The character STICK, like any kid, loves eating pizza and cookies, so the shop will have plenty of those stickers. There will also be many other bright, quirky decorative and functional sticker designs plus fun therapy oriented magnetic items that keep the Autism community in mind.



Many children and their families face challenges while navigating life with Autism. Today, Liam has come a long way and he is able to expand on his drawing and create animated short films. To celebrate the launch, The Sticker Spectrum will feature “30 Days of Liam”, a blog series to share more of Liam’s daily life as a pre-teen living with Autism.


The Sticker Spectrum

Jodi with Liam and Emily


The shop will be open April 2, 2020 at and be sure to follow on Instagram,  Facebook and YouTube. We hope you will show them some #plannerlove.


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