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The MäksēLife 2022 Planners are a goal setting system and weekly planner all in one. The proven goal system, founded by life coach Sierra Friend, incorporated throughout all the planners keeps your goals front and center all year long.  The combination of annual goals, monthly goals, weekly actions and reflections makes holding yourself accountable and tracking progress easy and flexible. The emphasis is on progress and growth which can be seen in the brand’s tagline – “Just Begin”.

MakseLife Compass Assessment

The goal system found in MäksēLife Planners focuses on eight areas of life – Personal, Fun & Recreation, Work & Learning, Family & Relationships, Health & Wellness, Spiritual & Personal Development, Financial and Physical Environment –  to help you gain balance, fulfillment and satisfaction. The Compass Assessment guides you through evaluating these areas and deciding how to make changes and build new habits to design a life filled with harmony and intention. 

This year’s collection offers more products than ever before. In addition to their Flagship Planners, MäksēLife is launching undated planners, a new daily format, inserts and even a digital version. Plus, there are tons of functional accessories and a new merch shop! 


The MäksēLife Flagship Planners are 12-month dated planners that offer the unique goal setting system within the monthly and weekly pages of the planner.  There are four cover designs including two artist covers, Floral (Jen Pace), Mixed Media (Shelley Chavis) plus a Chevron and Stripe design. All four cover designs are available in both vertical and horizontal weekly layouts. The goal pages have been refreshed with a more streamlined design for this year. The planners have 120 gsm paper with a wire-o coil, hardcover, a pocket folder and sticker sheet with an elastic band closure. 

MakseLife 2022 Planners Artist Cover
MakseLife 2022 Planner
MakseLife Flagship 2022 Planner Artist Cover
MakeLife 2022 Planner


MakseLife Goal System


The new collection of planners includes, for the first time, two undated planner options, weekly and daily. There are 6-month Undated Weekly Planners (basically the Flagship Planner split into two) that have all the same pages as the dated version but on a standard silver coil with a hard vegan Saffiano leather cover. They are available in horizontal or vertical layouts with a Blush or Taupe cover.

MakseLife Undated Planner

The Daily Undated Planners are a quarterly option in a compact A5 size that also includes the goal setting pages and monthly spreads followed by seven simple daily pages. The pages are designed to be minimal on purpose for you to make them work for your life and goals. They are available in four vegan Saffiano leather covers including Taupe, Blush, Teal and Salmon Red. 

MakseLife Daily Planner
MakseLife Daily Planner
MakseLife Daily Planner
MakseLife Daily Planner


Both the Undated Weekly and Daily Planners are also available in a new insert option that is unbound and unpunched and can be used on rings or discs for ultimate flexibility. The insert packs include everything that is found in the bound planners including the folders and stickers plus plastic protective covers. There are horizontal and vertical layouts for the weekly inserts as well. 

MakseLife Inserts
MakseLife Undated Planner


Digital planning is coming to MäksēLife! An exciting digital version of the Flagship Planner will be launching in December. 

MakseLife Digital Planner
MakseLife Digital Planner
MakeLife Digital Planner


For 2022, the accessories collection has expanded to include so many functional items that all work in tandem to enhance your planning and goal setting. The favorite Companion Notebooks will be returning again as well as other products like, washi tape, pen pouch, post it note pads (Daily & Habit Tracker), pen loops, bookmarks and more. 

MakseLife Bookmarks
MakseLife Magnet Bookmark
MakseLife Tote
MakseLife Washi Tape
MakseLife Pen Loop
MakseLife Pen Pouch
MakseLife Daily NotePad
MakseLife Notebooks
MaskeLife Tote
MakseLife Habit tracker
MakeLife Stickers
MakseLife Sticker Book


As if this wasn’t all enough, MäksēLife has launched a merch shop which is open now. It has apparel, like hoodies, crewnecks, t-shirts as well as canvas totes, all featuring signature MäksēLife quotes and taglines.

MakseLife Hoodie Sweatshirt
MakseLife TShirt
Maske Life Hoodie Sweatshirt
MakseLife T shirt
MakseLife Sweatshirt
MakseLife TOte
MakseLife Sweatshirt
MakseLife Tote

CLUB MÄKSĒ 2.0 – Coming Soon 

The popular online group coaching program, CLUB Mäksē, started by founder Sierra Friend, will also be returning in the new year. The intentional curriculum is designed to give members the opportunity to take a deep dive into their goals, reframe mindsets and move past roadblocks in a supportive and safe community.   More information to be announced in December.  


The entire MäksēLife collection launches exclusively on their website on November 17th. For more information, visit them on Instagram and Facebook or search the #MakseReviewCrew on social media. 

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