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We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This month we are talking to Lauren Ladouceur of @planwithlaur 

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In just a short time, Lauren has become a real voice in the planner community. It’s easy to see her love for planning and connecting with others to help them plan a better life. When she is not working her regular nine to five in corporate marketing, you can find Lauren hard at work creating content for her YouTube channel or any of her other platforms. She is definitely a goal setter and believes in putting a plan in place to take action on those goals. For several months, she has been working on some exciting new things behind the scenes, including a collaboration with bloom daily planners and a Plan With Laur Community on Patreon.  Now she is ready to share even more with all of us.

We talked with Lauren about her exciting new launch, embracing your passion and of course planners.  Take a listen to our chat below:


It’s amazing what can happen when planners come together and support one another. After connecting during National Planner Day, which was founded by the Bloom team, Lauren collaborated with them to co-create two unique PDF bundles that are available for purchase on her website today. The two bundles, which are Finding Planner Peace and Creating A Planner Routine, are designed to help you plan with intention from choosing the right planner for you to making it work in your life to implementing routines that set you up for success. Both PDF bundles can be purchased individually or together and offer value regardless of how long you have been planning. To celebrate this new collaboration and help you get into your planner groove, there is also a fun Spotify playlist to enjoy!

Finding Planner Peace PDF
Creating A Planner Routine PDF


Lauren is also simultaneously launching the Plan With Laur Community which will offer content about planning, accountability, time management, community, live video calls, freebies and more. There are five different tiers which range from becoming a community insider up to 1:1 creative coaching and brand/business development. From her corporate background to social media/influencer experience, Lauren has a depth of knowledge to share. She hopes to use this new platform to connect on a more personal level and provide more value to her community and followers.

Plan With Laur Community on Patreon


One of the best ways to connect with Lauren and see what she is all about is through her amazing YouTube channel where her content is focused on helping you plan today for a better tomorrow. Every week she shares planner videos, tip and tricks to help you use the tools you have, goal setting strategies plus behind the scenes vlogs. In the past year, she has found her own unique style and provides fun content you will enjoy, no matter what planning tools you are using.

For more information about Lauren or to be a part of the Plan With Laur Community follow along on her Instagram, YouTube, Patreon or website. 

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