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We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This month we are talking to Amanda Kramer, founder of @createwithmandy.

Amanda has been a long time planner and started her planning journey in the bullet journal world. Growing up with a strong appreciation for art, Amanda (Mandy) opened her Etsy shop while in college to sell some of her drawings. But after finding the planner community and The Happy Planner, she went down the road of using stickers to decorate her planner and never looked back.  She began designing her own stickers and sharing them with friends. Then in early 2020, she added some of her new designs as digitals in the Etsy shop but she quickly realized it was time to take the plunge. Now, Mandy pursues her passion as a full time career with her own online Shopify store, Create With Mandy.


Mandy was also chosen last year to be a part of The Happy Planner Squad, which is the team of creators who collaborate with the brand to showcase and promote all the new planner products. Creating content, along with 22 other amazingly talented creators, has been a great experience and way for her to connect and make so many friends in the community.


We spoke with Mandy all about starting her shop, life on The Happy Planner Squad and what her goals are going forward. Listen to our chat below:


Since taking the shop full time, Mandy has already been able to grow and expand her product lines. Starting out with decorative sticker sheets, she now offers a variety of styles including functional, minimal, die cuts, vinyls and bundles as well. All of the designs are her original drawings, mostly created on her iPad, although she still enjoys picking up her sketch pad. Her latest Minimal Collection features transparent sticker sheets in different shapes, sizes and icons. She also sells some artistic tees and totes into the shop featuring her designs. 

Create With Mandy
Create With Mandy Stickers
Create With Mandy
Create With Mandy
Create With Mandy
Create With Mandy

She has definitely hit the ground running and has goals to grow the shop in coming year. She shared some upcoming plans with us, including designing more notepads as part of her upcoming summer collection and a new advent calendar for the holidays. Mandy is always coming up with new ideas to delight her customers and hopes to add more new products like a possible sub box, sticker book or even design her own planner in the future.

Create With Mandy Notepads
Create With Mandy Advent Calendar

Follow Mandy on her “Planner-preneur” journey at:


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