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We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This time, we are talking to Jojo Whipkey of @mojo_jojoplans. 


Jojo first began her planner journey back in 2015 when searching for a way to keep her new life organized. Recently married, Jojo knew she needed a way to stay on top of her work and home life. After trying some online printables, she found and purchased her first Happy Planner and never looked back. Planning quickly became a true passion and once stickers came into her life she was completely hooked. About a year later, she started sharing her planner on social media and opened her own accounts. 

Mojo Jojo Plans
Mojo Jojo Plans

Jojo began to use her planner not only to stay organized but also as a creative outlet. She fell in love with collecting and using stickers to create pretty and functional spreads. In fact, she has one of the largest collections of Happy Planner sticker books in the community.  In the last year, Jojo decided to take her sticker obsession to an exciting new level.  She took the leap, started designing and opened her online shop selling her own branded sticker books.  

We spoke with Jojo all about her planner journey, sticker obsession, juggling mom life plus goals for her online business in the future.  Take a listen to our chat below: 


Not sure if obsession is the proper term, but Jojo has one of the most extensive collections of Happy Planner sticker books to date. Including the most recent releases, her total count is currently 349 books which she keeps numbered and organized in release date order.  She even started a printable list of all the books which is now available on her website. Her sticker obsession doesn’t stop at The Happy Planner, she also loves using stickers from other companies and creators in the community. She especially likes pairing her functional stickers with gorgeous florals. 

Mojo Jojo PLans
Mojo Jojo Plans


With a variety of decorative stickers on the market, Jojo saw the opportunity to create functional and basic sticker books. Although she loves pretty stickers as much as anyone, she wanted to have those everyday essentials more available so she decided to create them. Focusing on functionality, Jojo got to work designing books featuring boxes, shapes, checklists and more in all sizes and colors that can work in any planner or spread. She has released a total of 7 sticker books with number 8 due out before the end of 2021. Now, Jojo has fans and collectors of her own with each release selling out quicker than the last. Her books are a total favorite among planner friends and her community. 

Mojo Jojo Plans Stickers
Mojo Jojo Plans Stickers
Mojo Jojo Plans Stickers


During her time on social media, Jojo has expanded her following and made some amazing friendships in the planner community.  In September, she decided to start a dedicated Patreon to establish closer connections and really chat one-on-one with her community. She has four tiers available and offers fun zooms, Facebook lives and chats. Patrons have the opportunity to provide feedback and ideas for future sticker books/designs and even get early shopping access for new releases. Through the support of the Patreon community, Jojo hopes to continue to grow her online business. It is definitely extra work  but she is grateful for her husband’s support in taking care of their daughter and encouraging her to follow her dreams. 


Jojo is constantly brainstorming and has already planned new themes for sticker books well through 2022. While she does have ideas to expand her business, for now sticker life is where she plans to stay for the time being. Her goal is to be able to grow her business so the online store will maintain inventory of basic books ongoing while still having the opportunity to expand with new books as well. 


Jojo says she still has her first planner and it’s fun to look back and see how her style has changed. She also really enjoys memory planning so she can have books to pass on to her daughter when she is grown. While Jojo has never officially been chosen as a Squad Member for The Happy Planner, she feels grateful to the brand that started her on this amazing journey. She is so excited for what the future holds and of course continues to plan. 


For more information and inspiration, follow Jojo on Instagram, YouTube or Patreon. Be sure to look out for her next sticker book release coming soon! 

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