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We are so excited to share our latest “#PlannerCRUSH”! In this series we share the planning style of someone in our community that we just can’t get enough of. We are talking about scrolling the IG feed and binge watching all the PWMs. Each time, we will feature a clue along with a few planner pics to see if you can recognize our #plannercrush?  Here goes:  


CLUE: She plans life one sticker at a time….


ANSWER: Rebeca from @eat.pray.plan   


Rebeca is a busy wife and mom that home schools her two young boys. She is also an alum of The Happy Planner Squad and has been known to juggle multiple planners.  But, she is currently transitioning into a more simple planning style. And we are here for it!  We love her neutral aesthetic and how she uses stickers in a decorative but minimal way.  She definitely has found a new groove with the ring bound system.  Recently, she switched from her personal size to an A6 as her catch all.  Rebeca believes in goal setting, faith planning and a good morning routine. Her tip for avoiding FOMO and buying all the things is to first assign a purpose to your planner and think through how you will use it in your life. 

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