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Let’s face it, we all could use some extra motivation and accountability when it comes to staying on track and achieving our goals. Research has shown that keeping your goals top of mind and being consistent is the best way to make progress. That’s why so many brands have started to incorporate goal setting tools within their planner designs. 


Goals are not a set it and forget kind of thing. Monthly, weekly and even quarterly check-ins can really be very impactful in determining your success. Combining these resources with daily planning plus assessments, reflection pages, vision boards and roadmap pages is the best way to help you get started and keep on going. This “all-in-one” approach provides a structure that guides you through the goal setting process, helps you break them down as well as track your progress.


The first benefit of an “all-in-one” system is just that – it’s ONE! Finding the best planner to use for the new year can be overwhelming for some, never mind trying to find more than one. So choosing a system that meets as many needs and goals as possible takes the stress out of finding and keeping up with multiple planners. 


Here are a few others: 


Accountability – If you tend to need accountability to stay focused and meet deadlines the ongoing prompts throughout the year are a great way to remind you of what you are working towards. 

Consistency – Consistency is the thing that enables you to make progress even when you lack motivation. We tend to be all systems go at the beginning of the year but that drive can wane over time and building consistent daily rhythms and routines around your goals in your planner is so helpful. 

Progress – Documenting your progress, little by little, along with your wins is easier to do when it’s right in front of you. Plus, it’s a huge boost to have that proof cheering you on in black and white or blue and white (depending on your pen choice). 

Community – Many “all-in-one” goal setting planners also have a loyal following of users or community groups which can also be a great source of motivation and inspiration. 


The process of goal setting is different for everyone so finding the right system can be challenging. There are options from very simple to very detailed, here are a few to explore:


Go Getter Girl Co

Go Getter Girl Co  

– Monthly, weekly and daily planning pages (six months)

– Monthly vision boards

– Personal development daily tools

– Morning routine creation 

– Life assessments and life coaching pages

MakseLife Goal Planner

MäkseLifē (digital version available)

– Monthly and weekly planning pages

– Vision board

– Life Compass assessments for life categories 

– Goal setting coaching pages

– Monthly and weekly check-ins

– Weekly Reflections

– Quarterly Assessments 

Passion Planner

Passion Planner (digital version available)

– Monthly & weekly planning pages

– Passion Roadmap

– Monthly reflection pages

– End of year reflection pages 

Unbound Planner


– Monthly & weekly planning

– Guided self reflection

– Goal timeline

– Vision board 

– Goal brainstorming pages

– Goal breakdown pages

– Project planning pages

– End of year reflection 


Inkwell Press Goal Planner

Inkwell Press (additional goal insert available) 

– Monthly and weekly planning pages

– Goal setting pages

– Mission boards

– Habit trackers

Amplify Planner

Amplify (digital version available)

– Monthly, weekly and daily planning pages (3 months)

– Life categories evaluation 

– Goal setting/breakdown page

– Quarterly evaluation and reflection pages

Full Focus Goal Planner

Full Focus

– Monthly and daily planning pages

– Weekly and quarterly previews

– Goal detail breakdown pages

Hemlock & Oak

Hemlock & Oak (digital version available)

– Monthly & weekly planning pages

– Self reflection, introspection and value pages

– Goal and habit creation pages

– Ideal week page

– Monthly intentions/planning pages

– Monthly review pages 

Commit 30 Goal Planner

Commit 30 (available digital)

– Monthly & weekly planning pages 

– Vision planning for life categories 

– 30 day goal focus and tracking 

Ink And Volt Goal Planner

Ink & Volt (digital version available)

– Monthly and weekly planning pages

– Roadmap pages

– Goal timeline

– Goal setting pages

– Monthly goal pages

– 30 day challenges

– Reflections and accomplishments

More options: Dream Planner, Whitney English, Planned & Proper, The Fabulous Planner and She Plans


When choosing a planner or goal setting system, always consider the season you are in to help you set realistic goals that will inspire you to keep making progress, challenge yourself and grow towards being the best version of yourself.  

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