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Whether you are a new planner or a long-time enthusiast, embracing a style can have a big impact on your planning journey.  From minimal to all out “no white space”, the way we set up our planner is what keeps us coming back every day and every week. Using stickers, washi, highlighters and page flags make it all the more enjoyable. There is just something magical about having a sticker stand out on the page that can motivate you to do the most mundane tasks (#laundryday or #trashday). Plus it’s a great way to help make your planner your own and really have it work for you. But if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the options or just wanted to try a new aesthetic, we’ve got you covered.


Here is a guide, which includes popular styles, inspirational spreads plus a few suggested shops and hastags, to get you started:

Embrace Your Planning Style Minimal
Embrace Your Planning Style Minimal


Minimal planning has definitely grown in popularity in the planner community recently. Maybe it’s the more simple and clean layouts that make this style so appealing. But so many planners have jumped on the bandwagon and adopted a more minimal aesthetic entirely or at least in their line up. A minimal planning style usually focuses on less deco and more pen with mini icon stickers, translucent stickers or flags and muted highlighting.  It has more of a “back to basics” approach that gives the feeling of a fresh start each day.

Suggested shops: Paper Panduh, Caffeine and Paper Co., Let’s Make It Sparkle, Sweet Caress, Cloth & Paper, The Planner Spot, May Paper Co.

Suggested #s: #minimalplanner, #minimalplanning, #ringplanner, #a5rings, #a5planner, #ringboundplanner, #personalrings, #minimalplannerspread

FUNctional STYLE 

The FUNctional style of planning is all about getting things done but with a twist. Even when you plan for function (ie. keeping track of appointments and tasks), you can still add some elements of FUN to it. Highlighting things in your spreads makes them stand out so it is easier to focus on priorities, important dates and even color code. FUNctional planning usually includes some colorful icons, washi tape/strips, colorful boxes, bright highlighters (not neon) and minimal deco. It is a great way to embrace your creative side as well.

Shop suggestions: Fancy Plans Co., Knockout Print Shop, Once More With Love, Planner Monkey, Elaine Michelle Studio, Coffee Monsters Co., Fox & Pip, Bear Necessities

Suggested #s: #functionalplanning, #functionalplanner, #functionalplanningcommunity, #functionalplans, #functionalplannerlove

Embracing Your Planning Style Functional
Embracing Your Planning Style Functional
Embracing Your Planning Style Decorative
Embracing Your Planning Style Decorative


The decorative style of planning can range from adding a few decorative accents to full “no white space” spreads. Either way, decorative planning is usually about designing your spread first and filling in your plans later (#beforethepen & #afterthepen). Layouts are typically styled so the stickers all fit a certain color scheme or theme. Decorative planning is a great creative outlet because it allows you more flexibility to design what your planner looks like on any given week. Although the deco is the focus, planning this way can still be very productive and functional for those that embrace it.

Suggested shops: Wonton In A Million, Planner Kate, Cricket Paper Co., Sweet Kawaii Designs, Krissyanne Designs, No White Space Stickers, Villabeautifful, Virgo & Paper, Goldmine & Coco, Sugary Gal Shop, Sticker Guru, IndyNIvy_Ink, Frank Hearts You

Suggested #s: #decorativeplanning, #decorativeplanner, #beforethepen, #afterthepen, #plannerstickers, #weeklyspread

The best part about embracing a planning style is that decisions become easier and your planner will serve you better. Of course, styles may change as your needs change but when you choose a lane it takes the guesswork out of planning. It can also benefit your budget because you won’t need to buy all the things.  If you use multiple planners, assigning a purpose for each planner (ie a memory planner for decorative planning) can also be extremely helpful. 

Happy planning!

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