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There is no doubt that podcasts are definitely on the rise seeing growth and popularity (in all categories) as our “stay at home”, “WFH” life continues. So many planners have picked up the mic to engage in fun and meaningful conversations. Whether it’s dishing about the latest planner releases, sharing the tea, chatting goal setting and productivity or shedding light on important conversations about diversity and inclusion – we are here for it!

Each of these podcasts has their own unique style and brings something great into our planner community. It’s so easy to relate and feel comfortable, just like spending time with an old friend or bestie over planners and a latte.

We wanted to compile a helpful guide in case you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon – what are you waiting for. Put on some earbuds, click on any of the podcasts below and start tuning in while you work, clean or plan. 

Cultivate Your Life
The Uncurated Life
Planners And Wine
Spiced Chaos Podcast
Plan on Purpose Podcast
Planner Lifestyle Podcast
Planner Girl Chatter Podcast
Here For It Podcast
Tanya Dalton Intentional Advantage Podcast
Fancy Plans & Things Radio
Grace Girl Gab Podcast
Go Getter Girl Podcast

Be sure to show your planner friends some love – leave a review, share a screenshot and keep those downloads coming!

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