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‘Tis the season… for reflection and goal setting. Although we all know there is nothing magical about January 1st, there is a definite aura that surrounds the new year. However, ditching your current goals now is not the best way to prepare for the year ahead. In fact, it’s more about maintaining consistency and routines that will help you start the new year off on the right foot. 


As we wrap up yet another challenging year and put pen to paper, it’s less about progress and wins and more about energy and momentum in these final weeks. Keeping up that steady pace will not only boost your confidence but also help you ease into the new year and new goals. 


We chatted with Laken of @planwithlaken to get some advice on preparing yourself for the new year, what setting the “right goals” looks like plus all the amazing ways she is helping others work towards their goals. 



  • Rule number one – momentum!!! As we approach the end of the year, it’s more about maintaining consistent action instead of progress when it comes to your goals. Starting the year off with momentum will take you further than relying on motivation and new year magic. 


  • Don’t overwhelm yourself with setting the “right goals”. We all put a lot of pressure on ourselves to pick the perfect goals and struggle with comparison. The only “right goals” are the news that you can take action on right now. Adjustments and pivots can be made throughout the year. 

  • Stay focused on “your why”.  Goals are very personal and it is important to know your why and set your own path. It’s ok to look for inspiration but then move on. There is no one single way to achieve a goal, even if it’s the same goal. We all have different circumstances and therefore our journeys will look different even if the destination is the same. 

  • Find “joy” in your goals. Goals are not something that should put a ton of restrictions on your life. We set goals to get closer to the life we ultimately want.  Remember to look for joy, whether it’s in the process or the completion. 

  • Blank space is “ok” and actually good for you. Get comfortable with blank space in your goals, goal planner and calendar. We can’t do it all and should not feel guilty about giving ourselves blank space to rest, breath, reset and find clarity. That said, make sure to schedule time for your goals as well as having intentional blank space. 
Plan with Laken
Plan with Laken
Plan With Laken



Laken’s passion for goals is so inspiring and contagious. Over the last year, she has taken that passion full time and left her 9 to 5 to pursue an entrepreneur life focused on goals and coaching. She now offers several ways to work alongside her with some exciting new options for 2022: 


  • Free ongoing YouTube content. Laken currently publishes three weekly videos on her YouTube channel focused around goal content, time management, planning and more.  This also includes her weekly live Q & A where you can interact and get answers to your questions on a variety of topics. 


  • The Accelerate Your Goals course, which Laken has taught live previously, will transition into a self-paced DIY course in the new year to help you work through the common roadblocks when it comes to achieving your goals. 


  • Goals with Laken Patreon Community offers multiple tiers to join and connect with other like-minded goal setters to help keep yourself accountable as well as be encouraged and guided through the goals process. 


  • One-on-one Coaching is a personalized eight week program where you work one-on-one with Laken on a particular goal in your life. It encompasses everything from setting the goal to breaking down the action steps to accountability calls and more. There is a limited number of spots available each time. 


  • Group Coaching is something new that is coming for 2022. This offers some of the same benefits as the one-on-one program but in a small group setting. It is also an eight week program with limited spots available each time. 


For more information and inspiration, be sure you are following Laken @planwithlaken in all the places.





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