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Daily planners seem to be popping up in everyone’s planner stack right now.  Maybe it’s the gorgeous variety of options from bound planners to undated inserts that have enticed so many planners to give the daily layout a try. Plus, this season of uncertainly really lends itself to taking things day by day and a daily planner is the perfect solution.  It can be used alone or alongside your regular planner.


For a long time, most people felt that their schedules just weren’t busy enough to warrant using a daily planner. But in fact, those that have given it a try are so glad they did.  Daily planning really has less to do with how jam packed your schedule is and more to do with boosting your productivity and even helping to reduce stress.


Here are some reasons to make daily planning a part of your line up:


Daily Brain Dump

A daily brain dump is one of the best things you can do to clear your head and relieve stress.  Making a plan for the day is a great way to set yourself up for success.  A daily planner provides plenty of space to put pen to paper and flush out priorities, thoughts and notes.  It is also helpful for assigning time (blocks) to when you are going to be getting tasks done which prevents over scheduling.


Putting Routines In Place

Routines are one of the best ways to help you achieve your goals and be productive. But incorporating them into your life can be a struggle. Sometimes we want to procrastinate, sometimes we just rebel and sometimes we just forget. Having that same daily reminder or ritual visible everyday makes it easier to establish routines and keep them going, whatever that means for you.


Increase Productivity & Decrease Overwhelm  

We all love that sense of accomplishment that comes with checking things off! Not only does this make us feel like we are making progress but it also helps to maintain momentum and boost productivity.  Visually seeing all the things that you have been able to complete gives you confidence to keep going.  Plus if you are a lister, pulling a few tasks daily can help prioritize what’s most important and keep you laser focused rather than having a master list that can be overwhelming.


Stay On Top Of Goals & Progress

Goals can seem like an unattainable finish line far down the road. Many times we set goals and think to ourselves – “it would be nice to”. That is why breaking them down into mini steps and milestones can make sure you are consistently staying focused and making progress.  These steps can be spread out into daily actionable items so they are more attainable and easy to manage.


A daily planner also gives you a fresh start to a new day. Of course you can try to do all of this in a regular notebook but having more “structure” can only help keep you on track and accountable.

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