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The 2nd SGS Planner Conference was held in New York City and hosted by Diana Velazquez @sugarygalshop with her amazing team on Friday, September 13th and Saturday, September 14th. Planners from our community (near or far) gathered at the Westin in Times Square to share their love of planning and connecting with each other. The conference offered the perfect mix of speakers, workshops, shopping, raffle prizes and mingling with planner friends.  


The Speakers

So many great speakers from our community shared their stories and experiences throughout the day.


To kick off the morning, Teresa Collins delivered an empowering keynote presentation that encouraged us to chase our purpose. Everyday choose to build yourself up to your full potential and be your best self. Know that you are ENOUGH and train your brain to believe it. 

Kayla Benda of OH, Hello Stationery Co. welcomed us into the world of planning in a TN (traveler’s notebook) and making it work for you. Starting from the basic lingo and sizing, Kayla gave an informative and fun presentation about the TN style of planning and explained how traveler’s notebooks are the most “forgiving” style of planning because you can always switch it out for a new one. She shared how she uses her TNs to memory keep without the pressure of scrapbooking. 

An a-list panel of shop owners, moderated by October Day @televisontrainwreck, featured Cain Anderson @printpression, Chaz Jorgenson @shamelessstickers and Jen Jagielski @plannerfairy. The panel shared the experiences and knowledge they have gained from running their planner shops and how to keep the passion going. They discussed how to stay true to yourself, follow your heart and don’t let it define your self worth. 

Julie Garza @julies_plans shared how daily planning helps with setting up successful days. Building routine habits that work for you can lead to success. Use your daily planner to set your intentions and purpose but know that it needs to be flexible because it is not a guarantee.  Don’t be afraid to migrate your tasks to the next day and not see them as failures. 

Cindy Arce @thequeenpea tackled the topic of finding planner PEAce. She showed us that all it really takes to plan is a piece of paper and pen.  Planner peace doesn’t come from the type of planner you are using but from finding peace and balance in yourself. Only put three tasks in each area of your life (work, home, faith, etc) per day to prevent overwhelm and stay productive. 

Samantha Kuhr from Erin Condren encouraged us to embrace gratitude journaling and all the benefits if can bring into your life. It can help us be more mindful and present, it’s a good way for us to reflect and check-in with how we are doing and also can serve as a great memory book later on. She also encouraged us to share gratitude and praise to lift up others and not be negative. 

The final presentation, given by Jessica Chung for Contact Crafts, was interactive and demonstrated how to use stencils in your planner. Everyone received their own stencils, stamps, inks and a special brush. It was surprisingly easy to use as well as fun to see what we were able to create. 

In addition to the fabulous speakers, attendees were also able to participate in a real scavenger hunt on Friday evening hosted by Planners & PJ’s featuring Planner Fairy. On Saturday, there were two additional workshop add-ons for Cocktails and Calligraphy with Jessica Chung and Doodling with Mommy Lhey

The Vendors

During the breaks and delicious lunch, attendees had the opportunity to take advantage of shopping with so many fantastic shop owners that were vending at the conference including, Lights Planner Action, Planner Fairy, Pegatina Plans, The Gootzie Project, Mama Jene Designs, October Day Creations, Teresa Collins, Indy & Ivy Ink, The Queen Pea, Contact Crafts, The Pink Room Co., Paper House Productions, Sugary Gal Shop, Ink Road Stamps, Mommy, Me & I and Planners & PJ’s

The conference ended with a fun Karaoke Night Party with Mommy Lley, hosted by Diana. It was a great time and we all can’t wait for next year! 

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