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The year 2020 is already being touted as the year of seeing things more clearly. With goals and productivity on the mind, we are all getting our planner(s) prepped to make it the best year yet. It’s time to get organized and stop hoarding all the things. Decide what’s working and not working for you and let’s do this! 

Here are some tips to help focus on your plans and STASH It or DE-STASH It: 



▪️ Highlight important dates, tasks and appointments to keep your planner pages clean and unobstructed

✔️STASH It: transparent stickers and sticky notes 

▪️ Draw attention to certain things or block out dates and times without being overwhelmed 

✔️STASH It: Mildliners and Tombow markers (neutral colors)

▪️ Incorporate inserts or add ons that supplement your everyday planning system to breakdown extra details

✔️STASH It: Goal sheets, cleaning schedules wellness logs and trackers 

▪️ Keep memories, devotions, and journaling in a separate place 

✔️STASH It: Bullet journals, notebooks, gratitude logs



▪️ Sort and use what you have (finally stop hoarding it) 

❌DE-STASH It: Old markers, half used sticker kits/sheets, old rolls of washi

▪️ Share the love with other planner friends 

❌DE-STASH It: Extra planners, sticker books and accessories (not part of your line up)

▪️ Do a swag giveaway after events, conferences and meet ups

❌DE-STASH It: Extra products, stickers and goodies (you are not using) 

▪️ Find an organization system that works for you and get rid of things taking up space, remember physical clutter is mental clutter

❌DE-STASH It: Binders, folders, carts and stands

Having a clear view of your day will keep you feeling motivated and ready to crush those goals!

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