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We are so excited to share our next “Planner-preneur” with you!  In this ongoing series, we share an inside look at people from our community that have poured all their creativity and inspiration into a “planner-related” entrepreneurial venture. This time we are talking to Kayla and Kristina Goosby of @goosbytwinsplann.  

This is the first time our “Planner-preneur” series is featuring #TwinPreneurs! Kayla and Kristina Goosby are the sister-duo behind GoosbyTwins Stationery, a line of planning products, stationery, stickers and accessories. Their goal is to create products that are accessible for a diverse community and provide an inclusive platform where women can set goals, plan, prioritize and dream.

Based in California, the girls work side by side everyday challenging each other to become the best versions of themselves. They are the youngest of five children and credit their family as being the biggest influencers and supporters in their lives. We had a chat with Kayla and Kristina to talk all things planners, community and business. Take a listen below:


The 2021 planner collection includes seven cover designs – Blkluxe, Denim, Secret Garden, Orchid Peach, Lemon Chello, Cloud and Shadow. The interior pages include yearly overviews, special occasions, financial pages, monthly spreads and weekly spreads. All the planners are coiled bound with interchangeable covers. There is even the option to have a caricature of yourself that can be made into a customized cover for your planner.


The new, recently launched BLM Collection, includes the first sticker kit designed by the GoosbyTwins. Along with three unique covers, the collection features artwork specially designed to shed light on social issues, systemic racism and racial injustice. Proceeds from the sales of the collection will be donated to BLM charities and causes. Here is a look at this powerful collection: 

Both Kayla and Kristina are amazing individuals and their story is so impressive. We can hardly wait to see what else is to come. Follow the GoosbyTwins on Instagram and check out their website to support the BLM Collection and see all the new 2021 planners. 

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