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The Haul List is here! Our ongoing series that features products we are loving, find helpful or just total must-haves. Whether it’s newly released or a well-loved community favorite – be sure to check out these goodies. 

Today is National Handwriting Day! As planners, we understand the value of writing things down. But for some of us, handwriting can be a real struggle – #plannergirlproblems. So if improving your lettering is on your goals list this year or you just want to add some fun to your planner pages, we’ve got you covered.  

Here are some helpful books and guides to get you started, one stroke at a time:


June & Lucy 

A strong foundation to get you started on your lettering journey. This book is filled with straight forward instructions that make it easy to follow and understand the overall process of hand lettering. The basic explanations and guidance give beginners the confidence needed to get started.  

Megan Wells

Learn an artistic style to lettering with this fun and interactive approach that will transform your writing into art. It teaches five major hand lettering styles as well as demonstrates how to embellish letters, mix different styles plus add flare and decorative effects. It’s includes easy to do tutorials and sections to trace and color letters that make it interactive and easy to use. 

Maghon Taylor

Transform your handwriting from “drab to fab” with this colorful inspirational guide from the award-winning artist of All She Wrote Notes. Get her expert tips and tricks that will have you falling in love with your lettering. This fun and colorful step by step guide will keep you smiling and encouraged along the way. 

Cindy Guentert-Baldo

Learn to hand letter in your planner or journal like an expert. This book is filled with illustrations and tutorials that teach basic skills to help you create amazing pages and projects. It includes practice pages, prompts and drills that encourage you to experiment and be creative. Have fun, decorate letters and learn to mix different style that will impress your friends. (Available in March)

Nicole Miyuki Santo 

A beautiful collection of projects and lessons that teach you the beauty and joy behind modern lettering. The book emphasizes the importance of crafting letters and words into works of art that feed your soul. It features a unique approach that gives you an introduction to essential lettering skills while adding a touch of mindfulness and beauty. The book has a lay flat design with an exposed spine that is easy to use and simply gorgeous.  

Chalk Full Of Love

Learn the Chalk Full Of Love style of calligraphy and lettering with this introductory guide. The book is filled with step by step instructions, techniques behind connecting letters, and tips on how to mix and match different fonts. Take what you learned and put it to work on the included project pages. The beautiful gold spiral binding also allows the book to lay flat which makes it easier for practicing. 

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