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The Haul List is here! Our ongoing series that features products we are totally loving. Whether it’s just released or a well-loved community favorite – you don’t want to miss out on these must-have goodies.

With the year winding down, many of us are pushing our productivity into high gear!  The holidays are coming and our planners are stuffed, our to-do lists are long and our minds are cluttered.  It’s time to reach for a trusty sidekick that helps get the job done! Yes, we are talking about a notepad! The beauty of a notepad is that it keeps your planner pretty and keeps your mind clear.  These notepads are real productivity powerhouses that can organize anything from a basic to-do list to an entire week of plans and wellness. 

Here are some notepads to put on your next haul list:


Hadron Epoch

Slay those busy days! Visualize all the important things on one sheet that really packs a punch! Keep track of your schedule, lists, meal plan, self care, hydration and stress levels. The best part – tear it off and start with a clean slate tomorrow. 

Mom Agenda 

Plan the entire family calendar for the week with one page! This handy pad keeps the entire family on track and organized. Never miss a school event or sports practice again. 

Erin Condren

This notepad really puts the fun in functional! The retro colors and stylish design helps you organize your weekly schedule or tackle your to-do lists with ease. It’s great for pre-planning your weeks and plotting out the daily details.

Bloom Daily Planners

Self care is not selfish! This notepad not only breaks down your week but also helps you balance all the areas of your life. There’s a dedicated space for  your work life, personal life, mind, body, relationships and gratitude. 

inkWELL Press

See your accomplishments and progress everyday! Take a few minutes before bed to write down what you are thankful for and jot down priorities and action items for the next day. You will sleep easier and wake up with a jumpstart that will empower you to tackle a new day.  

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