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This Is Us, is a brand new collection from Paper House brought to you in collaboration with ten amazing artists. Inspired by our planner community, real friends, neighbors and families, this collection was created with the mission of embracing uniqueness, celebrating diversity and respect for ourselves and others. Each product showcases artistic creations with unique designs that reflect real life. The result is an inspiring collection that is relatable and makes a powerful personal connection. 




The artists chosen for this special collaboration, with Paper House, all represent authentic approaches, themes and styles in their work. Each of these women have their own story to tell and a way of representing positive and empowering messages through their designs.



This Is Us encompasses messages about self care, pride, activism, diversity, empowerment, mental health, inclusion, family, respect and love. It is a collection that celebrates our differences but encourages us to come together as one. We can inspire and support each other in our everyday lives and through the products we use.




The entire collection is filled with colorful artwork, artistic illustrations, positivity and fun products. There are 60 new products including sticker packs (functional and decorative), die cuts, enamel stickers, puffy stickers, washi tape and sticky notes. The collection launches this summer at Michaels stores and online as well as on the Paper House website.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the goodies coming in this amazing collaboration:


Designed by: River & Ink 

Designed by: Goldmine And Coco

Designed by: IndynIvy_Ink

Designed by: Sugary Gal Shop

Designed by: Plans That Blossom

Designed by: Jamison Reid

Designed by: Shawna Clingerman

Designed by: Wire & Honey

Designed by: Mommy Lhey

Head over to to sign up for early access to all the launch details. Also, stay tuned for more exciting reveals and a special giveaway coming soon!

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