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Few people could argue that 2020 has been full of challenges. Back in January when we all set goals and plans to make this year the best yet, we had no idea what was coming. Now that we are half way through, we know more than ever that things don’t always go according to plan. Not a comfortable scenario for us planner types. So, what now? How can we move forward and tackle the rest of 2020?

Focusing on creating a lifestyle that makes you feel at ease will help add daily joys so you can thrive no matter what the circumstances. One of the best places to start when life is uncertain is to establish habits and routines to provide structure and intention to your days. Feeling a sense of purpose and accomplishment, especially when there is a pretty tracker to check off, often makes moving forward easier and less intimidating.


Here are some ideas to help you finish 2020 with purpose:


Refresh Your Goals:

All those goals you set before life turned upside still matter. Take some time to look at them with a new perspective and refresh your actions steps to reflect what life looks like now. Focus on actionable steps you can take to move forward without completely putting things on hold. This will keep you positive and relieve any feeling of being stuck or in limbo.


Daily Reset & Tidy:

Doing a daily reset and tidy is key to staying focused and relieving the overwhelm. Making a list of priorities will make sure nothing falls through the cracks and anything not finished can easily be carried over to the next day.  Also, having a tidy work/living space helps with a sense of calm. Physical clutter is mental clutter and remember to give yourself grace for anything that remains unfinished.


Practice Gratitude:

We can’t say it enough! If you haven’t made gratitude a daily practice, you should. Being intentional and focusing on things you are grateful can improve your mindset and help add joy. Inserting a gratitude practice can be as simple as jotting down one line a day to center your thoughts to a complete journaling routine. Do what works for you and take steps to make it part of your routine. You will be glad you did.


Unplug & Curate:

There is a no shortage of news and influx of information, which can be too much at times. Be aware of your thoughts and feelings and make space in your schedule to unplug. It’s also important to curate the content you are consuming. Do an audit of the people and channels you are following to make sure you can process everything and it is serving you rather than harming you.


Make Self Care A Priority:

Taking care of you is rule number one! So many times we let other things take priority and taking care of ourselves gets pushed to the bottom of the list. Self care needs to be made a priority in order for it to happen. Start by brainstorming some ideas for self care that you enjoy. Be sure to think of things that are quick and easy to insert into your day and then some things that may take more time for extra splurges to indulge on.

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