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The new collection of 2020 planners from Whitney English is beautifully designed with sophisticated details and intentional interior pages. The overall mission is to recognize that life has many seasons, each of which may benefit from a different planning system. This new format was created to help you live a more balanced life through goal setting and list making. 


Whitney English Planner


The three cover styles, English Chintz, Signature Stripe and Block Print Paisley have a real authentic vintage feel. The cover itself is a vegan leatherette with gold foil stamped details and book style binding. The hard cover wraps around the interior spiral bound pages for a polished look. The inside cover has an interior accordion pocket for spacious storage. 



The planners have a subtle and muted color palette with a nod to timeless style and design. Each one is made by hand allowing for its own distinct look and feel. They are all packaged in coordinating book style storage cases for extra protection and convenient display on any bookshelf.                 


Whitney English Planner


The interior pages have a vellum finish and are unique and very well thought out. There are monthly spreads and weekly spreads, both of which have a Monday start. The Week On One Page format features the week on the left hand side and lists divided into four sections on the right hand side. It is perfect for people that love to use list making as part of their planning style. All the pages are numbered and can be referenced in the index section (similar to bullet journal style) included in the back of the planner. This keeps all your information easily accessible.  

Each of the planners also includes the HEART goals framework in the upfront pages as well as on the monthly dividers. This helps you stay on track with your goal setting and make adjustments and progress throughout the year.  HEART is an acronym for the five life segments.

Hhelp yourself (sleep, nutrition, water, exercise)

Eempower yourself (emotionally, spiritually, intellectually)

Aall your people (connect with the people that matter)

R resources and responsibilities (management of life ie. car, house, etc)

Ttrade or career (use talents and gifts)

There are also three extra tabbed sections in the back of the planner, notes, references and index. The notes section features extra pages divided into four sections just like the weekly spread. There is even a guide of 93 ideas for lists to keep in your planner included in the section. The reference section is meant to hold information that is frequently referred to and needs to be kept on hand. The index section is a three column format that allows you to categorize information by topic and page number to refer back to it easily. 


Whitney English Planner


The collection also includes coordinating A5 style notebooks that fit into the inside pocket.  This Week On One Page is the first of other formats to come. An academic version will be coming in the Spring of 2020 as well as other new products.  The planners and notebooks are available exclusively on the Whitney English website. 

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