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Wellness has definitely become a huge buzzword and something we are all trying to focus on in 2021. But have you ever considered putting some intention behind the wellness of your workspace? With so many of us spending hours working from home, workspace wellness has taken on a whole new meaning. Being outside of a corporate setting has allowed us to consider all the things that play a role in how we work.  Beyond simple aesthetics and decor preferences, a workspace that fosters a supportive and productive environment is so important. In fact, it could be the key to finding productivity peace. 


Jenna Murillo, founder of the brand Workspacery, is a workspace strategist that says using your enneagram type as a guide can help you optimize your workspace wellness and maximum your productivity. Focusing on the three pillars of the enneagram (body, mind and heart) can help you define a strategy that works for your specific needs and personality.


We spoke to Jenna all about workspace wellness, the enneagram, maximizing productivity plus tips and tools to help you.  Listen to our chat below:


The Guided Enneagram Planner Collection is a collection of nine planners specifically designed for each of the nine personality types. Each planner combines simple monthly spreads with unique weekly layouts and “tools to thrive” sections with exercises and prompts created for each specific enneagram type. The latest edition has a new “three minute mental reset” included which helps you stay motivated and keep moving forward plus a personalized growth guide.  All of the planners are 6 x 9 undated softbound with wire-o binding (choice of white or gold coil) and span six months. They can be purchased individually or as a bundle for the full 12 months.

Workspacery Enneagram Planner

Marble With Gold Coil

Workspacery Enneagram Planner

Marble With White Coil

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 1

Type 1

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 4

Type 4

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 7

Type 7

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 2

Type 2 

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 5

Type 5 

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 8

Type 8

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 3

Type 3 

Workspacery Enneagram Planner 6

Type 6 

Workspacery Ennneagram Planner 9

Type 9



01: Give yourself permission to shut down for the day after you’ve completed your priority tasks. Resist the urge to fill empty space with more tasks and to do’s — find joy and presence in simply resting.

02: Take a few minutes at the beginning of each week to identify what you’re saying “no” to that week. When a new opportunity arises for you to consider, ask yourself, “do I genuinely want to do this thing, and if so, why?”

03: Start the day with an affirmation or meditation exercise to help cultivate a positive mindset. Then, end the day on a high note by acknowledging two to three wins from your work that day.

04: Productivity can also look like taking care of yourself first. Ask yourself nurturing, reflective questions throughout the week to support yourself, such as, “How am I nourishing my mind, body, and soul this week?” and “What do I need to hear this week?”

05: Next time you dive into a new project or research focus, set a time block and goal for that specific topic. Also, be sure to keep your notes and research in a dedicated place for easy reference.

06: At the beginning of each week, ask yourself: what challenges might this week present? By working through possible outcomes early on, you’re setting yourself up for success by staying productive and focused, despite what the week has in store.

07: Have a dedicated space set aside where you can jot down any brilliant ideas and exciting opportunities that come up throughout the week. Knowing these thoughts will have a singular place to live means you can focus more clearly on the task at hand.

08: Identify what you’re doing for your own wellness every single day. Also, try dividing your tasks into “work” and “home” tasks so you can ensure you’re creating a strong balance and covering your bases across the board.

09: Set aside time every day or week to reflect on a few vital questions to help achieve a sense of stability and not let conflict drive you to procrastination. Ask yourself, “What tension do I need to free from my mind this week” and “What is bringing me joy this week?”


Coming soon…Jenna will be launching a 1:1 service, as part of Workspacery, that helps you examine your workspace, evaluate your time management and create a space that is inspiring and motivating to work in. Using the three enneagram pillars (body, mind, heart), she brings a comprehensive approach that takes into account ergonomics of your environment/tools, mindset and time management strategies plus personalized steps that help you elevate your workspace. As part of the service, there will also be ongoing resources and additional guidance via email. Stay tuned for more information to be announced.

For more information about workspace wellness, time management strategies and how your enneagram type impacts your productivity style, be sure to follow Workspacery on Instagram. The Guided Enneagram Planner Collection launches April 6th on the Workspacery website


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